Fable Fantasy

A Kingdom without Cat: A Fable Short Story of Life Role


Everyone has personal roles in life. To aware of the role life and respect each other are also our roles in life. This short fable or fantasy story with moral lesson remind us about it. A Story of Puss: A Read more ›

Frog Motivational Story: A Frog under a Coconut Shell


This fable short story about animals is a frog story for motivation. Since his tadpole age, a tiny frog lived under a small coconut shell on the river mud. For him, the coconut shell was his world. He never left Read more ›

Short Fable Story : The Arrogant Giraffe and A Smart Mousedeer


Everybody has his strength and weakness. Empower your strength but respect another. It is a fable story about animals with moral lesson. It is good for fable story telling to remind us not to fall in arrogance.   Short Fable Read more ›

Ant Story for Management: Ants in the Leaf Boat Race


Anger and revenge waste your energy. They lead you into temptation. Remember your true destination and go for it. This ant story is not only for management or business fable but it also a short fable story for kids with Read more ›

Short Business Fable of Lizard: Open Your Eyes and Then Focus


Sometimes, when you see too many opportunities, you want to take everything at all at the same time. Greed and multitasking make you lose focus. Too much information makes you forget to set the goal. This inspirational short business fable Read more ›

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