REVIEW: A Fable story about A Deaf Cat with Blue Eyes

It is not a fairy tale, titled Puss in Boots. It is not one of Aesop fable stories. It is just a short fable story of poor white deaf cat with blue eyes.

Sometimes, blue eyes and white skin are the signs that a cat is deaf.  The deaf cat in this story was a poor cat. He had no hunting ability since  sharp sense of hearing was supposed to be his tool to know the position of enemy and prey. However, in the point of view of human being, the cat’s appearance of white skin and blue eyes is beautiful.

A Deaf Cat's Fable Story
A Deaf Cat’s Fable Story

In many case, you receive something not because you are great. You are loved not because you are handsome. You have big salary not because you have excellent GPA. Many things happened simply in miraculous way because God loves you more than you love yourselves.

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