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A Frog’s Fable Story: Jump! Jump!

You do not need to be afraid of what you are.

This short fable story about frog tells us to be confident of who we are. You are unique. Read following short story.


A Frog’s Story: Jump! Jump!

A small black fish, called Big Head, sadly saw another small fishes who happily swimming and playing in the pond. He saw he was different with his friends.


“Big head!”

“Dark monster!”

“Strange body!”


Those were mocking sentences, which he heard from his friends.


“It’s so ugly,” he said to himself, looking at leg-like things at his body.

“I am something else. I want to be like them. God, why do you create creature like me?” He complained.


Once day after rain, the fishes heard choral song, which, chorus of frogs sang. They enjoy the harmonious sounds of frogs. They were pleasantly surprised with frog’s ability to swim in the water and jump on the land.


“It would be great if I could jump like that,” said a small red fish.

“I wish I had amazing voice like they had and I became famous singer,” said a small fish.


A big toad recognized the fishes’ existence and he was swimming to them.


“Watch out! Big toad is coming!” Grey fishes shouted.

“I’m afraid that he’s hungry. He will eat us,” said violet fishes.

“Don’t worry! He just needs one victim. Let’s sacrifice the big ugly head,” said red fish.

“Yup, he is different from us. He just harms the beauty of this pond. Sacrifice him!”


Small fishes agreed to sacrifice a small black fish with big head and they pushed his body closer and closer to big toad. Then, they all ran, leaving him alone with the toad. Despair was the only thing in his mind. He felt he was unwanted creature. He was so sad not because a big toad would eat him. He was upset because his friends did not receive him as their friend.


“Okay, it is the last thing that I can do for my friends. Just eat me big toad!” Big Head shouted.

“I don’t know whether you do it because you are brave or desperate? I see despair and sadness in your eye,” said Big Toad.


“My friends leave me. They do not accept me as their friend. They see difference in me. I am not perfect like them. Look at me! I am just little monster. I do not belong to this pond. Just eat me and end it! I don’t like to be a monster.”


“Your friends leave you but you cannot leave your self. Yes, you are different with them. You are unique. You are not monster. They say it because they do not know the best side of you. Find the uniquely best side inside you. You do not need to afraid of what you are.” Big Toad smiled at him.


“You do not need to preach. If you want to eat me, just do it!”


“Hey, a little thing, I won’t eat you. I am your friend. You see that your friends admire jumping and singing frogs. You have those potencies if you search in you. You can jump, sing, and walk on the land. You are different with your friend but that’s okay. You don’t need to be other. What you need is being you. See you on the land!” Big Toad said.


“How can I see you on the land? Can I jump?” asked Big Head.


Big Toad did not say anything. He just smiled. From that time, they became friends.


Day by day, week by week, little Big Head experienced transformation. He realized that his four legs grew. He was aware that he was difference from his fish mates but he accepted the difference. He knew he was tadpole and he was on the way to become something. He was not afraid of what he was.


After long process of understanding himself, he could breathe when he was on the land. He could sing frog song and join after-rain chorus.


“Yo ho! I can jump! I can jump!” Big Head was happy.


“Is he Big Head? Wow! He jumps!” said a fish to his friends.

A Frog Fable Story
A Frog Fable Story

They saw a frog jumping and jumping. The frog’s voice entertained them. The frog was Big Head and he jumped and danced with Big Toad on the green grass.

The End

This fable is not Aesop’s fable. It is written by Mas Wahyu Didik a.k.a YW Purnomosidhi, a blogger from Indonesia who loves fable.



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