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A Small Story for Kids: The Fable of Shark and the Full Moon

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The Fable of Shark and the Full Moon is a small story or short story for kids or for children.  Why does shark dive for cover from full moon? It is not a scientific explanation. It’s just a short fable story.

The Fable of Shark and the Full Moon

Mr. Shark is a great fighter of the sea.

He frightens everything he sees.

Mr. Shark is not something nice to see.

He bullies every fish he sees.


Mr. Shark says he is number one in the sea.

He forces every fish to obey him.

Everyone decides to flee.

He thinks nobody can defeat him.


He doesn’t need a friend.

He wants them to be his slaves.

Small fishes want it to end.

Then, a turtle comes and saves.


Shark says, “Hi, Turtle, what will you do?”

The turtle says, “There’s someone stronger than you.”

Shark says, “Show me and see what I’ll do.”

The turtle says, “Miss Moon will defeat you.”


In a full moon night, Miss Moon shows her full face.

As Mr. Shark is ready to fight, he shows his angry face.

Moon Small Story for Kids

Mr. Shark opens his big mouths wide.

His sharp jaws are ready to bite.

Every small fish runs to hide.

Miss Full Moon just smiles and spreads her light.


Shark jumps and jumps to hit Miss Full Moon.

She is too far from the shark to bite.

Moon’s bright light warms the water soon.

Shark dives deeper to avoid the full moon light.


It’s a shame which he loses in the fight.

The full moon light is stronger than him.

Shark learns from his mistake and regrets.

He asks everyone to forgive him.

The End

This short fable story is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a fable writer from Indonesia. It was posted at Yahoo but now he posts it at FableFantasy.Com

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