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Fable Story: Blade Looking for a Sheath

A sheath is blade’s soul-mate. It is fable story of relationship between a blade and sheath. Read this blade story.

Blade Looking for a Sheath


No woman is an island. No sheath is an island. Almost every interesting woman was in relationship with someone. Every sheath, he wanted, was in relationship with other blades. Keris Blade was lonely blade without sheath. Other blades said that he was a looser in relationship. Is it about win or lose?


Keris Blade was looking for a sheath. Blade’s life is not completed without a sheath. In blade’s world, sheath is the wife of a blade. “Vagina” is a Latin word that means sheath.


Keris Blade saw an interesting sheath. Other blades approached the sheath and Toledo won the sheath’s heart. Toledo found his sheath. They were elegant perfect match.


“Hi, you are just a looser!” Toledo laughed at Keris.


Keris Blade should find other opportunity.


Keris Blade saw attractive sheath and he approached her.

“Keris, you are so nice! But I am sorry that I cannot be with you. I cannot accept you. You have strange shape,” the sheath said.


Keris Blade is a blade with strange and exotic shape.


Keris Blade felt that he was looser and had no quality to win. Rapier came to the sheath. The sheath welcomed rapier warmly and they lived happily ever after. Keris Blade went to the other place to find other opportunity.


Once day, Keris Blade met his old friend, Kujang. Kujang had also odd shape but he had harmony relationship with his beautiful sheath.


‘Have you found the one?” Kujang asked the relationship status of Keris.


“I have an odd shape. I have no good quality to win,” Keris answered desperately.


“I have tried to improve myself and search the opportunity but my rivals have won.”


Kujang saw the despair in Keris’s aura.


“Look at me! I have odd shape, too. It is not about to win nor lose. You cannot treat everything in the perspective of ‘win” or “lose.”  For your bad experience, learn from it and let it go. You lose if you are thirsty of winning. You lose if you are desperate and needy.“ Kujang gave advice.


“I am afraid I will always lose and fail to find my sheath.” Keris worried.


Kujang touched Keris and gave him encouragement.


“Let the bad experience go! Get up! Overcome your neediness! There is neither winner nor loser in relationship. It’s only about compatibility. It’s also a gift. Get the opportunity! Be happy!”


Kujang’s encouragement to Keris made Keris’s aura brighter and bigger.


A wooden sheath saw the aura of Keris. Keris saw the wooden sheath and approached hear. They found fun in the simple things. A wooden sheath rejected the other blades but she accepted Keris in her life. It happened not because Keris finally won.


It was just about compatibility. There is neither winner nor loser in relationship. Sometimes, it is just a gift abut everyone needs to learn.

The End

The writer, YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik adopts the soulmate unity philosophy from Javanese tradition about Keris blade and its sheath in writing this story.


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