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Business Fable Story: Old Horses

Do not kill your old horse!

It is the message that this short fable  story.


Business Fable Story: Old Horses

An old horse, called Pony, had been working, and showing his dedication for many years for Tail Express. As he grew older, his breath did not run well and his bones were not strong anymore. His age could not lie. He became slower and slower. It was the time for younger horses to take his position as the great runner of the company.


An owner of Tail Express, called Master, saw no hope in Pony. He only saw a would-be dead thing. He was angry because he could not count on Pony anymore. For the Master, Pony was useless. His old age became the luckless period for Pony and other old horses because the Master was whipping, kicking, and hitting them. What the old horses received after what they had done for Tail Express was being tortured. There was no reward or award for their dedication. The Master and his friends killed the useless old horses.


Young horses heard their scream, smelt their blood, and saw something horrible that may happen to them in their future old age. They thought they would experience same bad luck. The fact, which they saw, harmed their morale. They did not believe in the organization they followed.


A young black stallion with his puppy dog eyes stared at the Master’s eyes. He sent the message, which the Master did not want to listen.


“Master, don’t kill your old horses! They have performed good dedication but you do not appreciate it. If you cannot use them, just let them rest. If you think that being professional is being cold blooded, we are not interested,” cried young black stallion.


The Master could not hear. He could not understand horse language but deep down inside him, he could feel unpleasant situation but his arrogance ignored it. Unfortunately, his heart was too hard and cold to listen and read.

short stories with moral
short stories with moral

They worked in fear and unfaithfulness. No matter how good they were, they saw bad future. They imagined their bad old age as they saw the fact what their master did to the old horses. The morale of young horses became down. Their speed became slower. The Master became frustrated. Tail Express would not be the number one delivery company anymore. His business became worse.

The End

This business fable story is written by Mas Wahyu Didik a.k.a YW Purnomosidhi, an independent business owner who loves fable.


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