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Cat and Dog Story: Bullying at Animal Farm

Fear is mental block. You cannot be your better self when you do not resist your fear.

It is a short fable story about cat and dog.


Cat and Dog Story: Bullying at Animal Farm

Once upon a time in an animal farm, a little husky puppy enjoyed the fresh air of morning. A big yellow cat came to him and said, “Hi, little puppy, you cross my territory.”

“I’m sorry.”

“To say sorry is not enough,” said Yellow Cat.

Yellow Cat  showed his claw.

“It’s time for you to learn,” said the cat, hitting Husky Puppy again and again.

Husky Puppy was afraid and he chose to run away.

“Hi, weak puppy, I am stronger than you are,” said Yellow Cat.


Day by day, Yellow Cat hit Little Husky Puppy again and again. The cat became Husky Puppy’s fear.  Husky Puppy avoided the cat when he saw him. Husky Puppy did what Yellow Cat said because he thought he was weaker than the cat was.

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Year after year, Little Husky Puppy was growing and growing and he became a big husky dog.

However, big Husky Dog was still afraid of Yellow Cat. The cat was his fear.


Once day, when Husky Dog walked under the warm sunshine, Yellow Cat stopped him.

“Hi, weak animal!” Yellow Cat shouted at Husky Dog.

Husky Dog stepped backward. Husky Dog was bowing and said, ”Please, Don’t hurt me.”

With winning smile, Yellow Cat showed his claw.


A Rooster saw the incident and said, “It’s ridiculous. Are you afraid of the cat, Husky?”

Both cat and dog looked at the rooster.

“Look at yourself! Husky, you are a big dog now. You grow stronger and bigger. Be aware of your strength. Fight against your fear!” said Rooster.


Husky Dog saw the reflection of his body at the surface of pool water. He was aware of his size.

“Yes, I am growing. I can do something better now,” said Husky Dog, walking forward to Yellow Cat.


Husky Dog stared at Yellow Cat. He took a deep breath to control his strength.

“Waf, Waf, Waf!” Husky Dog was going barking madly at Yellow Cat.

Yellow Cat was trembling and stepping backward.

Then, Yellow Cat turned around and ran away.

“Now, you are really yellow. Stop bullying,” said Rooster.

The End

The author of this story is YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable and traveling from Indonesia.


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