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Crocodile and Monkey: A Fable Story with Animals from Jataka Tales

Indian Jataka Tales present many fables with animals. Today, they are also presented as online fables for kids or children’s short story with moral lessons. Story of Crocodile and Monkey is one of them. It is a fable of responsibility, dilemma, and choice.

In a jungle, a monkey was living on the mango tree. Once upon a time, a big male crocodile asked the monkey for some mangoes. Monkey gave some mangoes to crocodile. Mr. Crocodile thanked the monkey for the fruits and said,”Thanks a lot! Will you give me the mangoes tomorrow?”

“Of course, Mr. Crocodile,” answered the monkey.

Since that day, Mr. Crocodile has become Mr. Monkey’s friend.

Mrs. Crocodile knew the friendship between Mr. Monkey and her husband. Mr. Crocodile did not bring swans and chickens for her meal. She was afraid that her husband’s wild heart became soft because her husband always ate mangoes and became vegetarian.

Mrs. Crocodile worried that her husband’s friendship with the monkey would change the husband’s carnivore  characteristic. Then, she planned a trick to kill the monkey.

In the morning, Mrs. Crocodile pretended to get serious illness and she might die if she did not eat a heart of a monkey as medicine. Mr. Crocodile faced hard choices – killing the monkey, his friend, or saving his beloved wife.

Then, Mr. Crocodile invited Monkey to his house.

“Come on! Sit on my back! I will bring you to my house for a party,” said Mr. Crocodile.

Jataka Fables with Animals: Crocodile and Monkey

Without doubt, Monkey jumped and sit on the back of Mr. Crocodile. Crocodile brought the monkey to swim and the monkey really enjoyed the journey. On the water way to his house, Mr. Crocodile dove into the deep river and pulled the monkey to sink him. Mr. Monkey struggled and he could swim to the side of the river. Mr. Monkey could not go anywhere as Mr. Crocodile pushed him to the ground.

“How could you? You betray me. Do you want to eat me? I am your friend,” said Mr. Monkey.

“I’m sorry. I have no choice. My wife is sick and she needs your heart for medicine,” said Mr. Crocodile.

“You are my friend. I’ll sacrifice myself for you. You can take my heart,” said Mr. Monkey.

“Are you sure?”

“You can take my heart even if I will die but my heart is not here,” said Mr. Monkey, tapping his chest with his right hand.

“So, where is your heart?”

“You know that I always jump from a tree to another and bring my heart is too risky. I put my heart somewhere near the mango tree,” said Mr. Monkey.

“OK, I’ll bring you there.”

Mr. Crocodile brought Mr. Monkey, swimming back to the mango tree. As they got to the mango tree, Mr. Monkey climbed the tree and jumped from a branch to another.

Mr. Crocodile could not reach Mr. Monkey anymore.

Mr. Monkey mocked the crocodile under the tree and said,”Tell your wife that she has no heart! Mr. Crocodile, you don’t know the meaning of friendship. Your fear has blinded you. Catch me if you can!”

Mr. Crocodile was aware that the monkey toyed with him. He said nothing but watching the monkey on the tree which he could not reach. Mr. Monkey was safe from the mouth of a crocodile.

In this animal fable with moral, when facing the big problem, we must stay cool, find a way, and take responsibility to overcome the obstacles. Use freedom with responsibility! Blaming the others does not work to survive. Law of nature says there is cause and effect and every action stimulates reaction.  Everyone should be responsible to himself, nature, existence and God.

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