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Fable Fantasy Story: Vase of Peace

Short Fable Fantasy Story: Vase of Peace

Three groups of animals fought each others. They were quarreling about the best group in the jungle.

Once upon a time, in Fantasy Jungle, there were three groups of animals. They were carnivore group, herbivore group and omnivore group. The members of carnivore group were meat eaters. They were animals, which ate the meat. Tiger, wolf, cat, dog and other flesh eating animals belonged to carnivore group. The members of herbivore group were plant eaters. They ate grass, leaves, and fruits. The bull, cow, mouse deer, sheep, elephant and other plant eating animals belonged to herbivore group. Other animals, which ate both plant and meat, were the members of omnivore group. The omnivore animals were monkey, pig, bear, raccoon and other animals, which ate both meat and plant.

Lion was the King of Fantasy Jungle. He was not there because he got sick. Great Orang Utan, his counselor, accompanied him to the mountain to meet Light Fairy because Light Fairy had ability to heal Lion. Since Lion’s illness, Great Orang Utan and Lion had been leaving the Fantasy Jungle for a long time.

Without Lion, three groups of animals fought each others. They were quarreling about the best group in the jungle. Each group said they were the best. Each group said that another groups should follow them. They hated each others. They distrusted each other. They considered another groups their enemies. There was no peace anymore in the Fantasy Jungle. They did not live in harmony.

Their hate became stronger. One day, each group decided to begin war. Each group leader drilled his group. The leader of carnivore group was White Tiger. Brown Bear led omnivore group while Big Elephant was the leader of herbivore group. Their hearts were full of hate. They were ready to fight. Each group was moving closer to other groups.

“Stop!” the Lion roared from the slope of mountain.

The roar of the Lion shocked them and they stopped moving.

“The king is back,” White Tiger said.

Lion and The Jungle Short Fable Animation

Lion ran and jumped the mid of animals’ crowd. Great Orang Utan hanged on to the twigs, moving from one twig to another and finally he jumped to the mid of animal’s crowd. The animals shocked and each of them kept at a distance from Great Orang Utan and Lion. Great Orang Utan and Lion were in the mid of circle of animals.

“Why do you fight, my friends?” Lion asked.

“We want to know which the best group in this jungle is,” White Tiger answered.

“We will know the best if we fight,” Big Elephant said.

“Of course my group is the best because we eat both meat and plant. Our group has enough nutrition and we are strong enough to beat the others,” Brown Bear said, showing his claws.

“How dare you say that greedy animal?”

White Tiger was angry with Brown Bear.

“Stop fighting!” Lion cried.

“Lion, you are the king of this jungle. Many animals are afraid of you. We stop fighting today only because we are afraid of you. However, when you are not here anymore, we will fight,” Big Elephant said.

“My friend, please listen to me,” Great Orang Utan said.

Great Orang Utan stood on the big stone. He tried to get all animals’ attention when he spoke.

“I have solution for you. We respect Lion as our king because he has power to protect us from the hunters. However, it is not wise if you stop fighting due to you fear of Lion existence.   If the peace does not come from your hearts, you will possibly fight with your friends.”

“So, what’s you solution?” Big Elephant asked Orang Utan for the answer.

“We need to decide which the best group is. The best group will lead another!” Brown Bear shouted at Orang Utan.

“My friends, there will be so many victims if war happens,” Lion said.

“Okay, if you insist, we will make competition to decide the best group,” Orang Utan said.

“Tell us what kind of competition it is.”

White Tiger was curious.

Great Orang Utan took wooden stick and raised it.

“You must compete to get the vase in the House of Light on the Bright Peak of the Great Mountain. The vase has a picture of white dove. It’s special vase. I call it Vase of White Dove. First animal, who sees the vase, will be the winner. He or she must bring the vase here. He or she must ask the permission by Light Fairy to bring the vase here because she is the vase keeper. The winner’s group will be the best group,” Orang Utan explained, drawing the picture of the vase on the ground.

“Ha ha, it is easy mission for us,” Brown Bear said, laughing at Great Orang Utan.

“Now, each group must choose its representative in this competition. You cannot choose birds or bats to join this competition. It is not fair. Your representative must not fly. He or she must not be flying animal. Your representative must be young animal.” Great Orang Utan explained the terms and conditions of competition.

“Why should we send young animals? They have no experience,” White Tiger protested.

“Don’t underestimate the youngsters. We choose youngsters because they are the future of life. The future of this jungle depends on them,” Lion said.

“Okay, now, I give you time to choose the representative. We will meet in the evening on the south bank of the river,” Orang Utan said.

Each group discussed to decide who would be chosen for the competition. In the evening, all groups gathered on the south bank of the river. Lion and Great Orang Utan were standing on the big stone.

“My friends, I believe you have chosen the right representative for this competition. Now, please introduce you representative,” Lion said.

Each group started to introduce their representative. Carnivore Group introduced Yellow Kitty as their representative. Omnivore Group chose Fat Pig while Herbivore Group chose Mouse Deer as their representative in the competition. All animals gave applause to them. They cheered and hoped that their representative became the winner.

Great Orang Utan asked the representatives to prepare for the competition. Fat Pig, Mouse Deer, and Yellow Kitty were standing in line. They were waiting for Great Orang Utan’s instruction to move.

“After I count to three, you must start to move to the mountain. Youngsters, are you ready?” Great Orang Utan asked those three animals.

“Yes, Sir!”

Those three animals took deep breath. They were ready to compete.

“One, two, three!” Great Orang Utan counted.

Those three animals were moving to the Great Mountain and the other animals cheered for them.

In the night, Mouse Deer, Yellow Kitty, and Fat Pig were hiking the mountain to the Light Peak. They were moving as fast as they could. They showed the best they could do. Each of them wanted to be a winner. However, the competition was not about who was the strongest animal. It was not only about who was the fastest animal.

They got to the Bright Peak at sunrise. It was very beautiful peak with fresh air. They saw wonderful garden with colorful flowers. The little fairies were flying all around the garden. The magic light of fairies made the garden shine brightly. People called that place Bright Peak because its garden shone brightly. There was a beautiful house in the middle of the garden. The house was painted white and shinning.

“It must be the House of Light,” Yellow Kitty thought.

Yellow Kitty ran fast to the house and she stopped in front of the door. She could not open the door because she was not strong enough. Suddenly, the Fat Pig ran fast and struck the door. The Fat Pig was strong and he could break the door.

Fat Pig entered the house and Yellow Kitty and Mouse Deer followed him. They saw many beautiful things in the house. They enjoyed the beauty of house interior. There were many beautiful vases in the house but which one is the Vase of White Dove? They also saw pieces of broken vases.

Yellow Kitty and Mouse Deer were searching the Vase of White Dove. They were examining carefully each vase in the house.

Why were only Yellow Kitty and Mouse Deer looking for the Vase of White Dove? What happened to Fat Pig?  Fat Pig was tired because he had walked for long distance. He had not slept yet. He was supposed to search the Vase of White Dove but he was too lazy to look for the vase. His laziness made him forget his mission. He was crouching to take arrest.

When he was almost closing his eyes, he saw picture of white dove and opened his eyes widely. He stood fast and looked at the vase with white dove picture on it.

“Hey, I am the winner. I see that vase first,” Yellow Kitty shouted at Fat Pig.

“Are you kidding? I do first.” Mouse Deer said.

“Hi, lazy Fat Pig! Why do you stand up? I am the best animal. Just continue your dreaming,” Yellow Kitty mocked at Fat Pig.

“Let see who is the fastest!” Fat Pig shouted, running to the vase.

Yellow Kitty pounced on the vase. Both Fat Pig and Yellow Kitty grabbed the vase.

“Whoa! Stop! You can break the Vase of White Dove!” Mouse Deer shouted at them.

Mouse Deer was walking closer to them.

“When we were hiking to this peak, we have shown our speed. However, we have not shown our strength. The winner must be the strongest animals.” Mouse Deer said.

“Hi, Mouse Deer! How dare you challenge me?” Yellow Kitty said.

“Whoa! Nice Kitty, I know you are strong. You have strong claws. You deserve to win. You eat meat and I eat plant. Our group will not fight over the food. However, Fat Pig’s group will take you your food and mine because they eat meat and plant. So, he is our real enemy. I am happy if you win. Don’t break the vase. Nobody wins if it is broken. Just fight against him. Show your sharp nails and win!” Mouse Deer flattered Yellow Kitty.

Yellow Kitty thought that Mouse Deer was right. Yellow Kitty was looking at Fat Pig’s eyes. Fat Pig was staring at Yellow Kitty. Both of them put the vase down. Then, Fat Pig kept at a distance from Yellow Kitty. He stood facing her. They were ready to fight. Mouse Deer could feel their anger. Fat Pig was running to the Yellow Kitty to strike her. Yellow Kitty pounced Fat Pig. They were fighting over the Vase of White Dove. They were moving quickly.

When Fat Pig and Yellow Kitty were busy with their fight, Mouse Deer took opportunity to take the Vase of White Dove. Mouse Deer brought the vase, walking out of the house.

“Stop! Mouse Deer is cheating,” Fat Pig said.

Yellow Kitty was aware that Mouse Deer stole the Vase of White Dove.

“I will scratch you cheater!”

Yellow Kitty was angry with Mouse Deer. Yellow Kitty and Fat Pig chased Mouse Deer.

In the garden, they saw Mouse Deer bringing the vase. Yellow Kitty jumped and pounced Mouse Deer. Fat Pig ran as fast as he could and struck Mouse Deer. Mouse Deer and the vase fell. They broke the Vase of White Dove into pieces. Then, the light from sky dazzled their eyes.

“Stop fighting!” voice from light said.

“I am Light Fairy. I am the keeper of this vase and the guardian of House of Light. You must have my permission to bring the Vase of White Dove.”

Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty saw beautiful fairy, flying in front them.

“Mouse Deer, you must be responsible for breaking this vase. It is your fault,” Fat Pig said.

“It is not only Mouse Deer’s fault. All of you have made serious mistake. You must be responsible for it. Your anger, your envy, your hate, your arrogance and your dishonesty break the Vase of White Dove. All of you must fix the broken vase,” Light Fairy said.

“But it has been broken into pieces. How can we fix it?” Mouse Deer interrupted.

Mouse Deer felt guilty.

“Beautiful fairy, what should we say to the animals in Fantasy Jungle. They need to know who the winner is. If the vase is broken, there is no winner,” Yellow Kitty said.

“The Vase of White Dove is one of the Vases of Piece. Everything in House of Light represents the peace. When people harm the peace, they break the Vases of Peace. Vases of Peace are broken by hate, envy, arrogance, greedy, fear, and dishonesty.  However, the peace must come from their heart. They must have inner peace and spread it to others. When people make peaceful condition, they fix the Vases of Peace. You can fix the broken vase and unite the pieces of it by spreading peace. However, the peace must be based on love. These pieces are the pieces of peace in your hearts. Now, you must bring the pieces and go home. You must try to unite them. However, if you think that there must be a winner, the one, who can unite the vase, will be the winner. Good Luck!”

Light Fairy asked them to go back to Fantasy Jungle and she disappeared.

Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty put the pieces of broken Vase of White Dove into their pouches and they went home. During their journey to Fantasy Jungle, they thought what the fairy had said. They felt that Light Fairy had said the right thing about peace. They started to have chit-chat and became closer friend when they took a rest during the journey. They started to found small piece of peace in their heart and they felt more comfortable.

In the morning, Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty got to the river bank of Fantasy Jungle. All animals cheered to welcome them. Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty saw hope in some animals’ faces. Some animals were curious to see that Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty were walking together as if they had been close friends.

“Welcome back to Fantasy Jungle,” Lion, the King of Fantasy Jungle, welcomed them with hug.

White Tiger did not see them bring the Vase of White Dove.

“Where is the vase?” White Tiger asked impatiently.

“We broke it into hundreds of pieces,” Yellow Kitty answered sadly.

“So, who is the winner?” Brown Bear asked.

“There’s no winner,” Fat Pig answered.

“But the one who can unite the pieces of broken Vase of White Dove will be the winner. We bring the pieces and we will try to unite them,” Mouse Deer said.

“Okay, three of you must continue your effort until we get the winner,” Great Orang Utan said to Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty.

One by one, the animals leaved the bank of the river. They were disappointed with the competition result.

Day after day, Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty played together. Their friendship became closer and closer. They did the Light Fairy’s advice about peace. Everyday, they were trying to overcome the hate, envy, dishonesty, arrogance, greediness, suspicion, and other evil things in their hearts. They respected and loved each other. They felt joy in friendship. They found the inner peace in their hearts and share with others. They were also friendly to other animals. They were trying to build friendship with all groups of animals. With love, they did not see diversity in friendship. Their friendship inspired the other animals to do the same thing. Peace was growing in Fantasy Jungle.

Once day, Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty met Great Orang Utan on the south bank of river. They asked Great Orang Utan to call Lion and all animals to the south bank of river. Great Orang Utan shouted loudly to call all animals. All animals came to the south bank of river. Great Orang Utan asked all animals to listen to what Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty said and see who the winner was.

“The Vase of White Dove was broken into hundreds of pieces. Each of us brought many pieces but now they become three pieces. Each of us brings one piece because the peaceful condition, that we have made, unites the pieces,” Mouse Deer said.

“So, who is the winner?” White Tiger asked.

“We can unite the pieces of the Vase of White Dove if we work together,” Mouse Deer answered.

Mouse Deer, Fat Pig, and Yellow Kitty brought pieces of broken vase and united them. Those three pieces became a beautiful vase. It was shining. All animals were attracted to the beauty of the Vase of White Dove.

Suddenly, they saw light from the sky.

“All of you are the winners,” the voice of the light said.

All animals saw beautiful fairy flying over the Vase of White Dove. She was Light Fairy.

“Vase of White Dove is the Vase of Peace. Peace needs love, patience, and understanding. You have tried to make peace. There is small piece of peace in your heart. You can make it grater with love. You can unite pieces of peace by loving others. Peaceful condition should come from your inner peace. You must start to develop peace in your heart and share the peace with others. You are the channel of the peace,” Light Fairy said.

“Light Fairy, thank you for lending us this vase. We have got the lesson from it. Now, we give it back for you to keep,” Great Orang Utan said.

“My friends, you are the channel of the peace. Peace be unto you. Be the channel of God’s peace. God bless you all.”

After her last sentence, Light Fairy brought the Vase of White Dove, flight to the sky and disappeared.

“My friends, now, we are living in peace and harmony!” Lion proclaimed.

All animals cheered, expressing the joy.

All animals in Fantasy Jungle lived in harmony and peace. There was no more war in Fantasy Jungle.

The End

This short fable story is written by YW Purnomosidhi 


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