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Fable Story of Animals: The Arrogant Orangutan

Short Fable Story of Animals: The Arrogant Orangutan

Hatred is a waste of time and energy.

“I am alpha male. I am the smartest creature in the world. I am skillful and multi-talented. I can jump high. I can climb high tree. Nobody compares to me,” said Orangutan. 

“I see someone like you. He is strong. He may be stronger than you are,” said Mousedeer.

“May be? Let see who is the strongest,” said Orangutan.

Orangutan hated another animal who was also strong. He also did not like another animal who was smart. 

“Hi Mousedeer. I am the only strong and smart animal in this jungle,” said Orangutan.

Orangutan was jealous when another animal had power.

“Do you want to see him? The smart one? The strong one?” Asked Mousedeer.

“I’ll show you who’s the one,” said Orangutan with red anger eyes.

Mousedeer pointed his finger to a big bucket.

“Why does he hide there? Is he afraid of me?” Orangutan laughing at Mousedeer.

Orangutan walked closer to the bucket. It was full of water. 

With his anger eyes, he saw inside the bucket. He saw a face in the bucket. He did not know that the face was the reflection of his own face on the water.

“How dare you?” 

With his hate, Orangutan hit the face on water. Accidentally, his face got splashed.  He hit again and again until he was exhausted by his own anger. There was nothing inside the bucket except the water. He got wet. He stopped. He realized that arrogance was not good and that hatred wasted his energy and time.

quote hate

If you want a better life, stop wasting your energy.

The End

Written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, blogger who loves fable story. Read another fable story collection at FableFantasy.com


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