Fable Story of Animals : Tiger and Mosquito – Fable Fantasy



Fable Story of Animals : Tiger and Mosquito

Fable Story of Animals : Tiger and Mosquito

Don’t slap a mosquito on the tiger’s face. – Fable Fantasy

It is short fable story about animals with moral lesson.


Ms. Mosquito were flying here and there, from one animal body to another. She bit their bodies to get their blood. She was so annoying. She landed on an orangutan’s shoulder and bit Her bite gave Otan,,  the orang utan, itchy skin.

Then, he saw something touching his skin.


“Hey, go away!” Otan shouted at Ms. Mosquito.


He slapped the mosquito but she moved like a flash, flying around his head.


Again, she landed on Otan’s cheek. Otan get mad and slapped the mosquito but Ms. Mosquito was too fast for him. She was laughing at Otan, the orangutan.

” Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah” Ms. Mosquito mocking the orangutan.

” I’ll get you!” Otan, the orangutan said, swinging his hands to catch mosquito.

“You have sweet blood. Catch me if you can!” Ms Mosquito was flying and laughing at him.

“Don’t toy with me, tinny creature!”


Otan ran after her but in high speed she was flying and zigzagging in the forest.

Ms. Mosquito found a tiger sleeping under the tree. She landed on his forehead.


Otan, the orangutan, was sneaking and walking closer to the tiger.

As he raised his hand ready to slap Ms. Mosquito, the tiger woke up.

The tiger roared at Otan, the orangutan. His anger sound made Otan trembling.

Otan’s heart beat almost stopped.


“Hey,  easy tiger. I come in peace,” said Otan.

“He wanted to hit you, Mr. Tiger,” Ms. Mosquito said, provoking the tiger’s anger.

His anger can mean death.


The tiger roared again. Then, the tiger suddenly pounced, using speed as much as strength to get the orang utan. Otan jumped and rolled. He was safe from the first attack.


The tiger ran after him and swung his claw. Otan jumped again and climbed the tree to escape.

Slapping a mosquito at the tiger face is not good idea. Otan was lucky that day.


Otan, the orangutan told his unfortunate event to his friends, including Kancil, the mouse deer.

Mosquito had used the tiger to protect his fault and attack the orangutan.

fable story about animals with moral lesson

In the morning, all animals were welcoming the golden sun and enjoying the fresh air of morning.

They smelled fresh grass and saw beautiful morning but something was annoying them. Their skins were itchy and had red spots. Otan, the orangutan, heard buzzing noise.


“It’s her. Ms. Mosquito!” said Otan.

Everybody was looking at small thing flying here and there.

“Hey, your blood is so sweet,” said Ms. Mosquito, laughing at them.

“I’ll give you a lesson, small creature,” said Otan.

“I am small thing with big think. Who are you? Left brain creature? Right brain creature? Or no brain creature?” Said Ms. Mosquito.


Otan ran after her but Kancil, the mouse-deer stopped him.


“Let me handle her,” said Kancil, the Mouse Deer, in whisper.

Kancil, the Mouse Deer, walked into the mosquito and said, “You are so naughty. You bit us. It’s my turn to catch you.”

“Hey Mouse Deer, you are bigger than I am but I’ll make you cry just like what I did to stupid orang utan. Catch me if you can.” said Ms. Mosquito.


Ms. Mosquito was flying, zigzagging in the deep forest. Kancil, the Mouse Deer, was running after him.

In curiosity, another animals were following them in a distance to see what would happen next.


Just like the day before, Ms. Mosquito silently landed on Mr. Tiger’s forehead.

Otan, the orangutan, was worried that the Mouse Deer would do the same mistake. It happened, it would be dangerous for the Mouse Deer because he could not climb the tree to escape.


“Good morning, Mr. Tiger,” said the Mouse Deer in a loud voice.

The tiger opened his eyes.

“I’m sorry to wake you up,” said Kancil, the Mouse Deer.

“Don’t disturb me!” The tiger roared.

“I bring a mirror. Look at this mirror. Do you see creature who dare to step on your head?” Said the Mouse Deer.


Tiger saw mosquito at his forehead. He roared and slapped mosquito at his head. He swung his claw to hit mosquito. Ms. Mosquito escaped in fear.


“Thank you, Mouse Deer. You save my blood,” said the tiger.

“You are welcome. By the way, please forgive Otan the orangutan because there is misunderstanding yesterday,” said Kancil, the Mouse Deer, smiling at him.


Kancil, the Mouse Deer, told the tiger what really happened yesterday. They had chitchat and drank fresh water together.

All animals were happy that the Mouse Deer won and orangutan became the tiger’s friend again.

The End

This short fable story about animals is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable. Read fable story collection in FableFantasy.Com


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