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Fable Story: Mouse Deer and Python

Mouse Deer and Python


It is a fable story about friendship. It is a fable story about relationship. It is an untold fable story about mouse deer.


The night was getting cold. The blue corn moon smiled and showed her beautiful light.


Python trembled with cold.

“Python, come in my burrow! It can protect you from coldness but you must promise me. Don’t try to strangle and eat me,” said Mouse Deer.


Mouse Deer pitied Python. He really wanted to help but he knew the python’s reputation as a scary predator.

“Trust me. I will not hurt you. Please, help me,” said Python with pitiful voice, resisting the cold of the night.

Mouse Deer allowed Python, the big snake, to enter his burrow under a banyan tree.


“You can stay here, Python.”

“Thank you.”


With warm welcome, Mouse Deer shared his room with Python and, as the python had previously promised, he did not attack Mouse Deer. The barrow, the underground hole, which Mouse Deer had made, was a comfortable place for Python.


In the morning, a hunter and his black dog visited the forest to hunt for pleasure and Black Dog saw Mouse Deer drinking water from a river.


“Master, it’s a lucky day for us. Look! A mouse deer!” said Black Dog.

“Catch him! We’ll eat his meat for lunch,” said the Hunter, with a voice louder than a whisper.

Mouse Deer smelt the unpleasant smell – smell of dog. He heard sounds of footsteps approaching him.

“It’s not a safe place anymore. I must run now,” said Mouse Deer.


Mouse Deer ran away and the hunter and his dog ran after him. Mouse Deer jumped and zigzagged in the thick green forest. It was difficult for the hunter to move faster in the forest but Black Dog kept running after Mouse Deer.

“Black Dog, catch him for me! I’m waiting here,” said the hunter, bowing, touching his knees, and controlling his breath.

“I’ll bring you his meat, Master,” said Black Dog, accelerating his running speed.


Black Dog was well-trained hunter.  He had strong teeth and performed high speed. His eyes could see the prey in the dark and from a long distance. His nose could smell the hidden enemy. His ears could hear the breath of his prey.

Mouse Deer was not strong enough to fight against Black Dog. Then, he ran into his burrow under the banyan tree.


“Hi, what happened? Calm down!” said Python in the burrow.

“Hunter’s dog tries to catch me,” said Mouse Deer.

“Stay here! The dog is stronger than you. It is work for me,” said Python, smiling at Mouse Deer.

Black Dog knew that Mouse Deer was in the burrow. Without hesitation, Black Dog entered the burrow.

“Oh, my…,” said Black Dog, trembling with fear, as he saw a scary big snake.

“Hi, I’m waiting for you,” said Python.


Python jumped and strangled Black Dog. They grappled in the burrow. Black Dog lost his breath and Python won.

Interesting Story Mousdeer and python

“Thank you, Python. You save my life. You protect me,” said Mouse Deer.

“You’re welcome. You are good friend. You share your burrow with me. You’ve given me a place to stay.”


It was beginning of friendship between Mouse Deer and Python. Mouse Deer provided Python a place to stay. Python protected Mouse Deer from other animals who wanted to eat him. Python gave Mouse Deer protection. Mouse Deer gave Python comfortable habitat. The relationship begins when all parties give each other. To give is to start a relationship.


This story is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a fable blogger from Indonesia.




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