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Free Short Fable Story: The Cruel Path

There are more than one way to reach the peak of mountain. You don’t need to be another to achieve something. You just need to be you – the better you, and it is a caterpillar-butterfly fable.

Enjoy the following short fable story about centipede and caterpillar.

A Fable Story: The Cruel Path

Like a kung fu fighter, a praying mantis jumped here and there, escaping from the bite of a large centipede and striking the centipede’s body. As hard skin protected the centipede’s body, praying mantis’s fists was useless. With wavelike body rocking, the centipede tried to hit the praying mantis with his forcipules – the first pair of legs behind his head.

A flash jump by the centipede reached its target. The centipede bit the praying mantis’s chest and injecting deadly venom into his opponent. Praying mantis was trembling. His legs and hands were stiff. There was no defensive movement by praying mantis anymore. Mr. Centipede paralysed his opponent.

“I’m the best fighter,” cried Mr. Centipede.

Mr. Centipede knew that a small green caterpillar on a green leaf had watched his fight.

“What do you think, kid? You’ve just watched my great fighting technique. All centipedes are hunters. All centipedes are fighters. All centipedes are predators. To win in this life, we must be able to defeat the others. To achieve success, sometimes, we should have cold blood. To reach the top position of the food pyramid in this jungle, we have to attack the others,” said Mr. Centipede to a green caterpillar on a leaf above him.

“It seems cruel. It’s cruel way. Is it the only way in this jungle?” asked Green Caterpillar.

“You must be like me to win. You must duplicate me exactly. Follow my way if you want to be successful! My way is the only effective way in this cruel life,” said Mr. Centipede.

“How can I become you?”

“I know it’s difficult for you. You cannot be as strong as I am. Your quality is not as good as mine but you can be my follower. No one dares to attack you if you are under the strong leader like me,” said Mr. Centipede.

Mr. Centipede’s statement about his low quality was not comfortable sentences for Green Caterpillar.

“People are afraid of my venom. When other animals see me, there is fear in their mind. I know that your hair could irritate people’s skin but the effect is so weak. You are weak and ugly. You are not frightening. You are just disgusting. You are not a hunter. Beautiful girls scream when they see you because you are so ugly.” Mr. Centipede insulted Green Caterpillar.

“They also scream when they see you, ” said Green Caterpillar.

“They scream in fear because I can hurt them. I’m strong. Nobody underestimates me. Life is cruel. With my power to attack the others, I can be a winner. My way is cruel but it’s the only path to victory. If you want to enjoy your life, you have to become strongest animal in this jungle or follow the strong one. The strongest animal will win and the weak one will lose. Will you be a loser?” asked Mr. Centipede.

Green Caterpillar did not say anything. He did not like what Mr. Centipede said. He did not like Mr. Centipede’s attitude. He wanted to have a better life but he did not want to follow the cruel way. He wanted to achieve success but he did not want to be like Mr. Centipede. Does anyone have to be another person to achieve success? Should anyone play a role as a character, whom he does not like, in order to win in this life? Should anyone betray his conscience for victory? Does anyone have to be scary in order to get respect?

“Why are you silent? Maybe, you are not ready yet to fight in the life competition or maybe you choose to be a loser. Good bye, kid! I’m busy today. Tonight, I’ll eat a yummy praying mantis meat.”

Mr. Centipede brought the praying mantis and left the caterpillar.

Green Caterpillar always thought about his conversation with Mr. Centipede. He started to worry about his future.

Once day, when he worked together with Read Ant. Read Ant was Green Caterpillar’s good friend. Caterpillar helped Red Ant to get sugar from the plant and Red Ant protected him from any attack from other insects.

Green Caterpillar told Red Ant his experience with Mr. Centipede. He also shared what Mr. Centipede said about the cruel way.

“My friends, you don’t need to become the other. You don’t need to be a centipede because you are not a centipede. You are unique. Be yourself. Be your best self. Accept yourself. There are multiple paths to victory. You can choose the cruel path or another one. What we have done today is also one of the paths. We work together in symbiosis,” said Red Ant.

Green Caterpillar did not totally accept Red Ant’s opinion but he agreed that he had to be his best self.

Since that day, he tried to do the best. He helped many ants to get sugar from the plant in the jungle. He ate healthy food. With his green colour, he blended into the green leaves to hide from predators. Sometimes, he hid in the folded leaf. He gave bad smell to big insects, who tried to catch him.

A month later, Green Caterpillar created a beautiful green cylinder pupa.  Then, he remained and meditated in the pupa for 14 days.

Once day, when Red Ant visited the pupa, he just found an empty pupa.

“Maybe, a bird ate him,” said Red Ant in a sad voice.

Red Ant looked around and saw a green butterfly flying from one flower to another. All flowers smiled at the green butterfly. Then, the green butterfly was flying in joy around the ant.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t you remember me? I’m Green Caterpillar. Metamorphosis process transformed me to be a butterfly.” Green Butterfly smiled at Red Ant.

“I like to see the best version of you. You cannot be a centipede. You cannot do exactly what the others did but you have your unique path. You have followed your personal legend. You are a butterfly. You have no dangerous venom but you can fly.  Girls love you. You make the garden more beautiful. You help the flowers reproduce. Centipede brings fear to the others but you choose to become part of natural harmony and of life beauty,” said Red Ant.

Green Butterfly landed in front of Red Ant and said,”Ant, your way of life teaches people about teamwork and diligence. Cruel path is not the only way. We can choose another. Everyone has unique path.”



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