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Inspirational Short Sories in the Messages form Fable World – Book Review

What do you do in your spare time or before sleeping?  What do you do when you are waiting for your clients or your friends? What do you do to kill your time when you are on  the bus or train? You need something which you can enjoy. You need something inspiring you and making you smile. An electronic book titled “Messages from the Fable World” which contains inspirational short fable stories  for all ages can be your friend. It is not an Aesop’s fable book but it is entertaining and inspiring.


With this book, waiting is no longer something that you hate. The content of this book is served as the collection of short stories and flash fictions. You can enjoy them little by little, like enjoying snacks or biscuits,  to feed your heart and mind while you are waiting.

Collection of inspirational short stories in fable world
Collection of inspirational short stories in fable world

Inspirational short fable stories in this book:

  1. Mouse Deer and Python
  2. A Secret of Good Luck
  3. Weaver Ant and Archer Fish
  4. A Cup with Full of Sour Tea
  5. Band of Crayons
  6. You Need a New Shell, Little Hermit Crab!
  7. Go to the Destination
  8. A Lion Surely Catches Its Prey
  9. Green Paddy and Yellow Paddy
  10. Strong Tiger and Brainy Mouse Deer
  11. A Lion and a Throne
  12. Open Your Eyes and Then Focus!
  13. Ants in the Leaf Boat Race
  14. The Arrogant Giraffe
  15. A Frog under a Coconut Shell
  16. A Kingdom without Cat
  17. The Cruel Path
  18. The Canaries in a Cage
  19. Everyone Must Be Like Me
  20. The Ants and Their Big Food
  21. Journey to the Triple Waterfalls


The fable short stories for all ages in this book do not only tell fables with animals but also with other inanimate objects.

Although some fable fictions are easy to understand and can be retold to your children as fables for kids with morals, this book presents short fable stories for all ages and business fable stories. As business fable, the readers can learn some messages which give inspiration, motivation, and lesson, such as self development, spirituality, and attitude which are applicable in the world of business.


The author presents the stories in this book in simple language style but you still need to read between the lines to understand some fable fictions in it.

What are the messages from this book? How does Purnomosidhi, the author, convey the messages for you?


If you want to read and enjoy short fable stories as well as get inspirational messages from the book, which can be applied in the modern world for your self development.

You can try to read the book  like Messages from the Fable World by Y.W. Purnomosidhi.

It is entertaining and inspiring. You can enjoy it from your Kindle, iPad, Netbook, Laptop or PC.

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