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REVIEW ON Inspirational Short Story titled Mouse Deer and Pegasus Unite Animals of Two Worlds

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A Fable Story titled Mouse and Pegasus is an inspirational short story which employs two animal characters from two different cultures of the world. There are fable and fantasy elements in this story as Pegasus only exist in mythology.  It is also one of fables for kids with morals.

Mouse Deer, originally,  is a famous fable character in Jataka Story from India and his tricky brain record has also been told through oral traditions in South East Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia. The fable of Mouse Deer or Kancil has been being told orally by story tellers in Javanese tradition and written in classic book titled Serat Kancil ( Book of Mouse Deer) which represents spiritual journey of tricky character to be a wise one.

Mousedeer and Pegasus is an inspirational fable story.

Mousedeer and Pegasus is an inspirational fable story.

Pegasus is a mythical winged horse in Greek mythology. It became the vehicle of a demigod in the class of the titans.


Mouse Deer was a famous fable character from Asia or the East whereas Pegasus was a mythical animal from Greek or western culture.


The story of Pegasus in Short Fable Story titled Mouse Deer and Pegasus is not original or true legendary story of the winged horse. The writer borrows Pegasus’ character  and Mouse Deer, which comes from different cultures, to convey the messages of how to deal with the burden of bad past life and of attitude to move on.


Both characters are friend and plays cooperative interaction in this story. Mouse Deer helped Pegasus to solve his problem and find his strength.

The barrier is supposed something in front of you in your journey, instead of something behind you. Leave burden of the past. Live your way and face the better tomorrow.


To read this full inspiring short story, CLICK HERE!

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