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Interesting Short Stories: Fable of Old Horses

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Fable of Old Horse is one of examples of short stories with moral. This business fable is one of interesting short stories, that can give message for teenagers to respect parents, teachers, and elder people.

The author of Fable of Old Horse got the inspiration when his Head of Department of Training and Development delivered motivational speeches to remind the distributors and the organizations to treat the seniors well because newbies would predict what would happen to them in the future by observing what the management did to senior or elder employee.

In some bad practice, the organization sometimes create uncomfortable situation for the old or senior employee whom the organization does not need anymore.The organization like it is not aware that it harms its image to newbies.

However, it’s simply summarized. What happen to senior employees is what will or may happen to young employee in the future. The image of management may depend on it. So, don’t kill your old horse.

This business fable is one of interesting stories to remind any organization to give good treatment to senior or old employees.


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