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Painted Black: Fable Story of Ants

A Fable Story of Ants:

All Must Be Painted Black


Gang of black ants wanted every animal to be black and they wanted everything painted black. They attacked those who rejected.


The black ants hated another color. They did not like to see their friends colorfully. They tended to push another group to be painted black.


By the way, not all of them were extreme. Some of them respected the difference and became friends of other animal, no matter they were black or not.


However, fiercely radical black ants were shouting louder than the moderate ones did. It frightened and worsened the harmony of the jungle.


One day, something magical happened and it seemed that the bless stood by the radical black ants. They got victory and their power influenced the jungle. Yes, everything must be painted black.


Victory was on their side. Every animals were painted black.


One year later, the leader of black ants sweated the small stuff about the differences which existed. The leader and its followers claimed that they were the real black ones. They felt they were exclusive. They hated the different shape. They hated different animals even if they were painted black. Some black ants thought it was okay to be different but the leader of real black ants was allergic to different. They forced uniformity. They hated anyone who thought and acted differently. Then, the conflict raised.

Some of black ants were tired of the conflict. No matter how hard they made everything the same, the difference existed.

“It’s not about the color. It’s not about the label. It’s about egocentrism which makes conflict. It’s about act without empathy makes trouble.”

The End

ANT Short Story in English

Written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, who loves fable stories, in response to intollerant activities by extreem groups.


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