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Lost Sheep’s Story: Go to the Destination

Find a way or make one! What will you do if you are lost? What will you do if you find noway?

Read the following short fable story by Fable Fantasy.


Lost Sheep’s Story:  Go to the Destination 

“Where are they?”

“Are they lost?”

The sheep in the Green Pasture were curious about what happened to their friends.

Meanwhile, on the slope of a rocky hill, four sheep and a lamb were bleating in fear and confusion. Fat Tail, Black Belly, Brown Sheep, Black Nose, and Little Lamb did not find the shepherd who usually guided them. They did not know how to go to their destination – the Green Pasture. They were the lost sheep which their friends on the Green Pasture missed.

“We must follow the track we usually walk through,” said Fat Tail.

“Have you found the track?” asked Black Belly.

Fat Tail looked around and he did not see any clue.

“Not yet.”

“We should look for the footprints of the sheep,” said Black Belly.

“What if we follow the wrong footprints? What if they belong to the gang of wolves?” asked Fat Tail.

“We must be accurate in observing the foot prints. Look at your feet! Pay attention to their forms!” said Black Belly.

Every sheep looked at their feet.

“See the differences in form between yours and wolf’s! If the footprints match your sole of foot, they belong to the sheep,” said Black Belly.

His friends nodded their head. They seemed they understood what Black Belly had said.

Fat Tail hesitated to search the footprints and said, “What if the footprints belong to another group of sheep instead of ours?”

“It will be better than being lost and hungry. If the footprints belong to another group of sheep, there is a possibility for us to follow them to the Green Pasture,” said Black Belly.

Fat Tail thought he had no choice because he did not see the track they usually walked through.

“Let’s find a way!” Black Belly shouted.

All sheep observed if any footprints of their kinds but they got nothing.


All sheep paid attention to Little Lamb, who stood on the big stone. He pointed his right leg to the north and his friends saw what he did. They felt hope came back inside their heart as they finally saw Green Pasture although it was far away from them. They should go down the valley of the shadow. They should walk through rocky path and explore the thick forest. It would be so tiring.

“There’s hope. That’s our destination,” said smiling Little Lamb.

“How can we get there? I don’t see the way to get there,” said Fat Tail.

“We will find a way or make one. It’s time to make one,” said Black Nose.

Black Nose drew something on the ground to explain his plan and all his friends agreed with him. Black Nose walked first to open new way and lead his friends. He warned his friends to be careful when going down the valley through the rocky way. Then, they explored the forest. They were in fear but they had no choice. Black Nose encouraged his friends to overcome the fear inside. Black Nose opened new path by bending the shrubs, cutting black thorns, and stepping on the reeds. His friends in despair follow him and did the same. They were making a new route. They were working together to make away to their destination. They were trekking in the unknown thick forest.

They saw flash of light at the sky. Thundering sound at the sky shocked them. They could hear their own heartbeat in fear. The dark cloud came and they thought it was the shadow of death. The wind blew faster. As they were in panic, the fear inside them separate them each other. The thickness of the forest blinded their sight and they could not find each other. They were bleating and screaming.

Fat Tail found Brown Sheep and the both saw the footprints of the sheep in the narrow path of the forest. They followed them and finally they reached their destination – the Green Pasture.

Black Nose and Black Belly were breaking through the shrubs and trampling on underbrush. As they were sure they were in the right direction, they were making a way and finally they found themselves standing on the Green Pasture. All sheep welcome them with joyful cheer.

So, what happened to Little Lamb?

He was left behind. He was still in the forest.

The night was going to come. The sky became darker and darker. The cold wind blew and Little Lamb cried in fear.

He kept moving in despair and he did not know where to go. He was walking, praying, and bleating for help. He hopped his shepherd would find him. He really needed the shepherd.

As he was so tired, he took a rest. He thought he had done what he could. With teardrop, he kneeled and screamed his pray. He believed there was still hope.

Suddenly, he felt a warm hand touched him and then hugged him. His warm love comforted Little Lamb.

“Master? Lord?”

The shepherd carried him and walked through the darkness. He could not see clearly the way they walked through.

Little Lamb heard the rooster was crowing and he breathed the fresh morning air. The light of morning came. Little Lamb realized that he was in the middle of Green Pasture. The shepherd put him beside the still fresh water. Little Lamb enjoyed the abundance – the beauty and plenty of Green Pasture. He was grateful to his shepherd.

Short Fable Story Online Lost Sheep

To reach the destination, we need to find a way but sometimes when we do not see the way, we need to make one. We do what we can to make our dream come true. Lord is our shepherd. Believe it! Even if you do not know how to find or make a way to your destination, God is always with us and God just carries you there. It is amazing.

The End

This short fable fiction is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fables. He posted it in Triond but now He posts it in FableFantasy.Com.



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