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Motivational Short Fable Story of the Bonsai Trees

To grow is nature of living being. Dare to grow! Break the limit to grow!

It is a short fable story about growth.

Fable of the Bonsai Trees

A samurai planted a dozen bonsai trees in the pots.


A small bonsai tree asked, “Master, why do you put me in this small pot? It’s not easy for me to grow here.”

The samurai said, “I put you in a small pot, cut your leaves, and tie your branches with wire because I want to limit your growth.”


“Why? It’s difficult for me to grow bigger and higher. Here, I only get limited resource to grow.”

“I want to see your beauty,” said the samurai.

“I think I will look great when I grow higher and bigger naturally,” said the small bonsai tree.


The samurai shook his head.

“I want to shape your growth. I want to control you for the beauty of my garden. It’s your destiny to grow small. You must accept the limit,” said the samurai.

It was hard for the small bonsai tree to smile  to hear the samurai’s answer.


Once upon a time,  the Warlord sent the samurai for a battle. He left his garden and house for a long time.

The small bonsai tree said to others, “Friends, It’s time for us to grow in harmony with our calling – to grow bigger and higher.”

“But, it’s our destiny to be small,” said another bonsai tree.

“Do you love to kept small? Is it your nature?” small bonsai tree responded.


Day by day, some bonsai choose to keep their status as small plants in the pots.

However, the others choose to grow better, follow the calling to grow, and break the limit.

They broke their pots  and they were spreading their roots and waving their leaves.

Their roots reached the free land. Their green leaves grew thicker.

They were growing bigger and higher.


Ten years after they had made decision to break the limit, they became the big trees.

To grow is nature of living being.


The author of The Fable of Bonsai Trees is YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, an internet marketer who loves fables.


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