Short Fable Story: Puppy and Kitty in Rush – Fable Fantasy



Short Fable Story: Puppy and Kitty in Rush

Don’t rush. Don’t worry. 

It is a short fable story about it.

Short Fable Story: Puppy and Kitty in Rush

As Puppy rushed at her, she ran away.
She thought Puppy was chasing her.
She felt that Puppy was going attacked her.
It was threatening.
Kitty heard Puppy’s heart ponding.
The rythm was fast and the sound was loud.
Kitty was screaming and running away.
” Why do you run, Kitty?” Asked Puppy.
“You are scary,” Kitty answered from a distance.

Short Fable Story of Cat and Dog by Fable Fantasy
Quote about Rush

“Does my ugly face make you affraid?” asked Puppy.
“No, you have cute face, ” Kitty said.
“So, why are you affraid of me?”
“It’s not about you. It’s about what you have done,” said Kitty.
“Have I done something wrong to you?” Puppy was wondering. He was curious.
“You rushed to me. It was agresive. So, I decided to run away. I was afraid that you were going to crash me, ” said Kitty.
Then, puppy walked slowly to approach the kitty from her right side.
“I’m sorry. Yes, I am in a rush,” said Puppy, wagging his tail.
Kitty looked at his eyes and moving her ears.
“My master has sausage party. He invites many friends and he asks me to invite my friends to his party. The party will end this afternoon. I am afraid that there’s no more food left. So, I ran as fast as I could to meet you. I worry I cannot enjoy the party with you. Let’s join the party,” said Puppy.
Kitty looked at Puppy’s eyes.
“OK, let’s go to the party but don’t rush me! Hurry makes worry,” Kitty smiled.
Puppy and Kitty were walking together on the street to the house of party.

The End

This fable story is writen by Mas Wahyu Didik a.k.a Y. Wahyu Purnomosidhi, a blogger from Indonesia.


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