Short Fable Story: A Cup with Full of Sour Tea – Fable Fantasy



Short Fable Story: A Cup with Full of Sour Tea

It is a teacup fable story about readiness for something new.

A Cup with Full of Sour Tea


A blue cup of sour spoiled tea looked at some cups and glasses on the table and he realized that he was different from them.


“Look! They are so lucky. Some cups have hot tea in them. The others have hot coffee. Some glasses are full of fresh water. They have precious things in their life. I want to fill in myself with coffee or tea so that people will come to me,” said Blue Cup.


“I’ll be happy to fill you with tea but look at you! You are already full. How can I fill in you if you are full,” said a teapot.

“Coffee is ready for you and people will come to you but I see there is sour tea in you,” said a coffeepot.

“Empty yourself if you want coffee or tea with you,” said a pitcher of fresh water.

“It is expensive tea,” said Blue Cup.

“But it is spoiled and very sour,” said Teapot.

“Yesterday, people really liked it. It was an unforgettable experience for me,” said Blue Cup.

“But they don’t like it now. They hate its taste and smell. It is very sour. It’s expired,” said Teapot.

“Don’t burden yourself with your past! Past is memory but you should live in beautiful now and welcome new experience – a new life. Empty your expired things! Empty your burden of the past!” said Pitcher.


Blue Cup emptied spoiled sour tea in him. Pitcher, Teapot and Coffeepot smiled at him.


“It’s not enough. You need to be fresh. Clean yourself from something which can poison you and others. Wash your body with water!” said Pitcher.

Blue Cup really wanted to refresh himself. He washed himself with water in the washbasin. Then, dish towel wiped and cleaned him.

Fable Short Story Teacup

In the evening, Blue Cup stood in front of Teapot, Coffeepot, and Pitcher.

“Be an empty cup and ready for new experience,” said Pitcher.

“I’m ready now. Coffee, please!” said Blue Cup.

Then, Coffeepot poured its tea into Blue Cup.


The moral and the meaning of this teacup story are related to empty cup analogy. Empty your cup! Be ready for something new!

The End

Y.W, Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik was interested in Empty your cup , an old Chinese Chan (Zen) Budhism, and wrote this fable story.


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