Short Fable Story: Black Cave – Fable Fantasy



Short Fable Story: Black Cave

Short Fable Story Under The Pond: Black Cave

Once upon a time, three fishes under the pond found something stranger. It was something like umbrella canopy or perhaps, it was a black tent under the water. A white fish saw an entrance of it. Was it a new playing ground to visit? Was it an arena for new game?

“Look! It’s umbrella-shaped cave. It’s new amazing place to play. Let’s go caving!” Said White Fish.

“Wait! Be careful! Is that an entrance or mouth of something?” Clown Fish warned his friends.

“Are telling the myth? There’s no such thing as monsters. Or, are you just a coward clown?” Said White Fish.

“It may be something from outside the pond. I have heard rumors that there was evil canopy and it was dangerous. There are many things outside this pond that we don’t know,” said Clown Fish.

“Thank you for sharing your stupid opinion. I know more about this pond than anyone does. I always do right way. I think the reason you won’t follow me is a lack of bravery.” Said White Fish.

“I have a brave heart. I will follow you. Let’s go caving,” said Plecos.

“Friends, please play safe!” Said Clown Fish.

“Clown, your worry will never happen. That’s just coward behavior. The coward won’t follow me.” Said White Fish.

To prove their bravery, the two entered the black cave. In the cave, a shadowy figure moved towards them.

“Oh no!” Plecos screamed.

Fish Heron Storytelling

At lightning speed, a great beak stabbed White Fish.  It was not a black cave. It was a black heron who did canopy feeding. White Fish became prey to Black Heron.

Plecos ran away and so did Clown Fish.

The End

Written by YW Purnomosidhi


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