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Short Fable Story: Bull Hates Red

Short Fable Story: Bull Hates Red

Bull does not hate red color. He hates disturber who uses it.

A bull had escaped from the bullfighting arena to the jungle. He remembered how people annoyed him and his friend with red flag. He remembered how the matador had stabbed his friends in bullfighting arena. He hated red color because people who hold or wore it hurt him and his friends.

Toro, the bull, was walking and enjoying the beauty of the jungle. In the thickness of the jungle, he heard someone speaking loudly. He searched the source of the voice and then he hid and observed who was speaking. The speaker was a red creature. Talkative red creature was speaking in loud voice while another animals were listening.

“My friends, listen to me, ” said a red parrot, called Motiparrot, standing on a stone in high confidence.

Toro, the bull, did not heard clearly what Motiparrot, the red parrot, said. He just heard the red parrot said bla, bla, bla…

Red color of the parrot reminded him of his bad experience. Bad scenes played in his mind. He recalled his bad experiences with red color. Matador, holding red flag, had stabbed his friends. People, holding red color, had bullied him.

Then, he thought, “Red is evil. Red is enemy.”

Flame of anger was burning inside his heart. Smoke of hate came out from his nose. His eyes turned red, glaring angrily at the red parrot. Then, he shouted a war cry and jumped out from the bush. He rushed after the red parrot.

“Oh, no!”
Motiparrot, the red parrot, was shocked by the attack of the bull.

Five more inches, the bull’s horns were going to stab the parrot but he stopped. Something behind held him to move forward. He stopped his attack. An orangutan held his tail so that he could not continue to ram the red parrot.

“Stop. He is red but he is not your enemy,” said Orangutan, holding the bull’s tail.
“It’s red but it doesn’t hurt you. It’s not your enemy.”

Toro, the bull, turned his head back and stared at Orangutan with his bulk red eyes.
Orangutan said, “You don’t hate red color but attacker who uses red, do you?”
Toro, the bull, ignored what Orangutan said. Then, he pointed his tips of his horns toward Orangutan, paddling one of his leg, preparing for the next attack.

Short Fable Story of Bull Orang Utan Parror

“Whoa! Whoa!”
“Easy Bro..! Calm down! Relax!”
Suddenly, a female bull stood between him and Orangutan.
She tried to stop Toro, the bull.

The female bull said, “Listen to me! Bulls do not hate red color. We hate disturber who uses it.”
Toro, the bull, calmed down. He did not point his horns to the target anymore. He was wagging his tail and listening to the female bull.

“The parrot is red but he is not the attacker. He is not your enemy. Your enemy is not everything red. Your enemy is the attacker who hold red banner, ” said the female bull.
“Yes, she is right. I am not your enemy. I am just little nice creature. I can be your nice friend, bull,” said Motiparrot, the red parrot.
“Someone uses red color to attack you and lead you into anger. Anger leads into hate. Hate overgeneralizes the object. Hate blinds us to see the uniqueness of everyone’s personality, ” said female bull.
“Yes, we are friends here,” said Orangutan.
“Yeah, we are friends.”

Then, Toro, the bull was aware of the friendliness of the animals in the jungle. They lived in friendship.

The End

This short fable fiction is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik for FableFantasy.Com.


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