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Short Fable Story for Kids: The Tiger Who Must Be Obeyed

Short Fable Story for Kids: The Tiger Who Must Be Obeyed

It is a small story or short fable story for kids. This fable tells a story of tiger who forbids other animals to be themselves. This short story invite us to respect the other’s strength and uniqueness.

On a big stone, the King Tiger stands.

He gives the absolute commands.

All animals must understand.

Lower than the Tiger, they should stand.

Nobody shall not look better than the King Tiger or they will get the problem in his anger.

Nobody tries to do better and all animals just act lower and slower than the King Tiger.

The birds shall not sing.

Monkey shall not climb and walk.

Spider shall not swing.

Hawk shall not fly as a hawk.

Young Monkey finds himself can stand.

Young Eagle finds he can fly.

But, it’s forbidden based on the rule they must understand.

King Tiger may punish them if they stand and fly.

Young Monkey asks, “Why is  to walk and stand  forbidden?”

Old monkey says, “Don’t ask! Just obey King Tiger!”

So, his talent should be hidden.

How can he do something even better?

In a hidden place, like a boy, Young Monkey walks.

He jumps and swings from a tree to another.

Young Eagle also practices to fly among the hidden rocks.

Day by day, in secret, they learn to be better.

Once  upon a time, the flood comes.

It scares all animals of the jungle.

Every animal runs and jumps.

They are afraid of something terrible.

They still remember the rule of the tiger.

However, Young Eagle dares to fly higher.

Young Monkey jumps and climbs higher.

Some birds say, “We should not fly. If Tiger knows, we will die.”

Young Eagle says, “If you don’t fly, you will also die.”

Young Eagle and Young Monkey sees no other way.

They must climb or fly to a higher place.

The flood will sweep them away.

A flood may eliminate them without trace.

Young Monkey says, “Follow us and climb higher!”

Young Eagle helps him to lead the animals to the higher places.

It’s amazing that some animals dare to do their best.

Birds can fly and it’s amazing grace.

“Help me! Help me!” says King Tiger.

His leg is trapped under a big stone.

The water comes higher and higher.

King Tiger cries with a sad tone.

Young Monkey comes to save King Tiger.

He ties the big stone with the root.

Young Eagle brings another root and flies to King Tiger.

He asks King Tiger to hold the root.

Then, Young Monkey jumps back to a high tree.

He asks all animals to pull the stone up.

It needs the power of everybody.

Then, they lift King Tiger up.

small story for kids: fable of king tiger

Rain and floods finally end.

King Tiger and other animals are alive.

All animals dances and hugs their friends.

All celebrate their life.

King Tiger regrets that he was wrong.

Everybody deserves to be better.

Birds sing beautiful song.

Everybody needs to respect each other.

Let the butterflies fly.

Let the monkeys jump and swing.

Let kangaroo jump high.

Let the birds sing.

Let everyone find his treasure.

Let everyone grow better.

We are amazing creatures.

We deserve to be better.

The End

It is a fable story collection of Fable Fantasy, written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable.


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