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Short Fable Story: Hug a Porcupine

Short Fable Story about Friendship: Hug a Porcupine

The day was silent. There was no sound of chirping bird. There was no sound of mooing cow. A porcupine, called Mr. Prox, stood in his loneliness. He was trembling in coldness. It was not warm. He folded his arms.


Feline, the cat and Rita, the rabbit saw the sad porcupine who sat alone. They recalled the good things which he had ever done. Mr. Prox was helpful porcupine. He was nice animal in the jungle.


“He needs a hug,” said Feline, the cat, whispering to Rita, the rabbit.
“He is nice. He is helpful. He had played hard role for all of us. He saved us. He is actually strong but he is lonely now in a cold day. He needs a hug, ” said Rita, the rabbit.


Then, Rita, the white rabbit, was walking to the porcupine.
“Hi, Prox. Are you okay?” Said Rita, the rabbit, standing closer beside Mr. Prox, the porcupine.


She wanted to put her arm around Prox.
“Ouch..,” Rita, the rabbit, screamed.
The porcupine’s erecting sharp quill hurt Rita’s hand.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Prox, the porcupine.
“It’s OK. It’s not your fault,” said Rita, the rabbit.
“You look so sad and sit alone in this cold night, I thought you needed a hug.  Perhaps, I was wrong. You are strong. You are overprotecting yourself. Your sharp quills defend you but it can hurt anyone who hugs you,” said Rita, the rabbit.


“Yes, I am lonely. I need a hug – a warm hug, ” Prox, the porcupine, thought.

“I am OK. Are you OK?” Asked Rita.

short story about friendship and love Rabbit

Prox, the porcupine, was aware that there was someone who cared and her care touched his heart. He calmed down and his quills did not erect anymore.


Rita, the rabbit, saw the porcupine’s quills were safe to touch. They were not overprotected the porcupine’s body with ready-to-hurt position.


Yeah, the porcupine had to make himself huggable if he wanted to be hugged.

“You are huggable now. I am with you.”
Rita, the rabbit, hugged Prox, the porcupine.

If you want someone hug you, don’t be porcupine, be huggable.

The End

This short fable story is written by Mas Wahyu Didik alias YW Purnomosidhi, a fable lover from Indonesia.


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