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REVIEW: Short Story for Children: Fable of Tiger Who Must Be Obeyed

Fable of Tiger Who Must be Obeyed is a short story for children or for kids but it is one of examples of motivational short stories which can be interpreted as not only one of short moral stories for kids but also for all ages.

Among interesting short stories, this fable is one of short story examples with rhymes. Among fables for kids, this small story for kids can be interpreted with various perspectives and morals.

King Tiger is antagonist here. He is tyrant and every animal must obey his command. He gives ridiculous command to keep his authority in the jungle. He wants to be the best but he practices wrong way. He will punish every body who is better than him. He forbids birds to fly and monkey to walk. All must be lower than him. However, finally after monkey, eagle, and other animals save him from the flood, he is aware that he must respect other’s strength. He learns to respect that everyone is unique and we need each others because everyone is unique with unique ability.

Young Monkey is protagonist in this small story for kids. He questions why animal must blindly obey the rule which bans them to be their best selves. He follows the calling in his heart and decides to practice in secret to be the best monkey. With his friend, Young Eagle, he learns to walk, jump, and swing. Finally, in the flood, he uses his skill and do his best to help the animals.

Young Eagle is the friend of Young Monkey. Like Young Monkey, he decides to be his best-self and secretly practices to fly. Finally he uses his flying skill to help others in the flood.

The theme of this short story for children is that we must move forward to do the best. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Identify your uniqueness and develop your skills. Do what you love and love what you do.Be your better self. Respect the other people’s uniqueness.Moreover, in team work, we can use uniqueness and difference to help and complement each other.

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