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A Fable Story about Frog: Kicks of Life Review

A fable story about frog titled Kicks of Life is a fable story with animal characters that tells the story of Mama Frog, her children and a Grasshoper . It is a fable story about animals with moral lessons. Read this short review before you read its full story.

A grasshopper was an insect which could survive in a dry season whereas a frog and its children needed more water. A frog is an amphibian which can live in water and on land but its children are tadpoles who only live in water.  A tadpole needs water so it can go on the metamorphosis process to be an amphibian, an animal who can live on the land and in water.

The story took place in a dry river where there was not much water there. There was only a small flow of water with small mud here and there.

Mama Frog loved her children and tried to save them all. Even though the grasshoppers mocked what she did and said that she did useless thing. She kept trying by digging the land with her kicks and finally she could connect the flow of water to the mud where her children were in. Water came to the children and she saved them.

Grasshopper laughed at the frog because he did not understand the frog’s action. With perseverance, the frog kept taking action. Perseverance makes her accomplish her goal to save her children.

It is good fable with moral to tell in story telling as fable story for children.

How did the frog save her children? Read a full fable story about frog: Kicks of Life.

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