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A Monkey Finding Flaws: Read Review before You Read This Interesting Short Fable Story

A Monkey Finding Flaws is one of short fable stories with morals, which is not only for kids. All ages can enjoy it as the message of this fable fiction is for all.


This story is written by Y.W. Purnomosidhi, based on Javanese oral teaching. He got inspired by old photograph ( foto tempoe doeloe) in a book store. The old photograph describes the activity of a Javanese woman who searched and took the fleas or head lice of another woman, as in Neatherland Indies era ( 1800 – 1920), shampoo head lice for treatment or getting rid of fleas  was not popular in Java. The writer remembered the old Javanese saying, “Ojo metani alaning liyan,” which literarily means, ”Don’t be fond of searching the other people’s fleas or mistake.”


Then, he wrote a short fable story based on the inspirational synchronicity that he got the idea from the old pic. He tried to make the short story more interesting by fabelizing the characters. He used Monkey as a character who liked to see the other’s weakness, dirtiness, or fleas because naturally, Monkey had habit to search and get the fleas of lice at his friend’s body. The second character was Mousedeer as it was famous characters in Malay culutres, including Javanese culture. Mousedeer of chevrotain is usualle called Kanchil or Sang Kancil.  Moreover, based on fun facts, the mousedeer is interesting animal as it is living fossil. The third character is Captain Louse, a tinny insect, the leader of lice or the fleas. The Capatin Louse laughed at the monkey who saw the weakness of his friend but the monkey was not aware of his own weakness. Monkey jugded the other but he forgot to see himself.

Interesting Short Story: Monkey and Mousedeer
Interesting Short Story: Monkey and Mousedeer

This short story gives motivational message for us to do self introspection and self management before we judge other. It reminds to self buidling before we judge other’s mistake.

OK, do you want to read this interesting short story?

Read Short Fable Fiction Monkey Looking for A Monkey Finding Flaws.


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