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A Motivational Short Fable Story: Suicide Jumping

It is an untold swallow fable story. How can a group of swallows and martins stop a man who will commit suicide jumping? Read the following motivational fable story.

Suicide Jumping

“Everything is over now,” said a man of 30 at the top of  the building, facing the wind of the day.

The heat of sunlight did not annoy him as something in his heart was dry. He was not afraid to see  the ground from the top of the building. He saw it as his final destination – the death.  Instead, he was afraid to continue his life without sureness in the future as his boss had kicked him out of his job. In despair, he had no idea to earn for his present life and future. He thought it was the end of his career. He thought it was the end of his life.   His condition matched the definition of despair. Life was not fun game anymore. He saw no good luck in his life. He would commit suicide jumping.

From above another building, a group of swallows and martins saw him. Some of them were curious about what he would do.

“Does he learn to fly?” asked Little Martin.

“No, a man naturally cannot fly but they can make tool to bring them fly,” said an old swallow, called Sadana.

“What is he going to do?”

“Little Martin, my instinct says that he is in despair.  Some desperate men think that they can end his life by jumping from the top of the building. They think it will end the problem but they are wrong. They will be lost and new worse problem may come,” said Sadana.

“Why does he want to end this beautiful life?” asked Little Martin in curiosity.

A fairy martin was flying closer to the man.

“My friends, come here! Stick together!” shouted Fairy Martin.

Shallows and martins fled in a circle and discussed at the sky.

“I’ve got a whisper from the soul of the universe.  The voice asks us to bring hope when someone is in despair. We should fly around the man at the top of the building. We should fly as beautifully as we can. Let’s fly and smile at him!” said Fairy Martin.


Fairy Martin and his friends were flying above the desperate man who was standing at the top of the building. Fairy Martins spat water in the man’s face. The man, who planned to jump, gazed the sky and saw a group of flying swallows and martins beautifully circling above him.

“Those birds are flying freely in a beautiful way. They look happy and enjoy their life. They don’t worry about the future. They don’t worry about how to get food for their life tomorrow. They do not attach their life to certain organization or other people for food. They fly independently and for them this world is full of beauty and plenty. They have an awareness of abundance.  If the birds of the air can get food as God through universe feeds them, I am more valuable than them. It must be a sign that I can live better and get more opportunities,” thought the man.

The man stepped backward and walked to the entry door of the building. He decided to continue his life.

The End

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It is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable and fantasy.


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