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An Animal’s Fable: Butterfly’s Story

“Butterfly’s Story: Is It Enough to Be Your Self?” is one of Inspirational Short stories or animal’s fables which you can enjoy online.  As it has a simple style of writing, It can also be classified as fictional stories for children.

This short fable story uses simple language style and it is easy to read between the line the inspirational message within. Yes, it is also a children short story with moral lessons although the inspiring messages are also for all ages.

Butterfly Inspirational Short Story

The butterfly’s story is a story about a caterpillar who had a dream to be a butterfly. The moral lessons from the story are:

  • Never give up!
  • Do something better and be your best self! Be the ultimate you!
  • Make your dream come true!
  • You must be able to select what encourages or discourages you. Listen to positive ones for your future.
  • You are bigger than any negative judge about you. Your future is important.


Do you want to read this fable flash fiction? Click ˃˃ Butterfly’s Story: Is It Enough to Be Your Self

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