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An Animal’s Fable Story: A Cat and the Flood

It is a short animal fable story of an action beyond fear. When you go beyond your fear, you will discover your strength. Read the following story.

Short Fable Story: A Cat and the Flood

“Look! The cat can’t come here. Water is everywhere. She won’t disturb us. She won’t mess up our dustbin anymore. Now, what she can do is just to mew, mew, and mew,” said a man of 30 on the 3rd floor of a boarding house.


Flood was the top of the tongue in Jakarta City and almost everybody chose to stay on the 2nd or higher floor as more than 1 meter as the water was flooding the city.


A white cat, called Feline, was isolated in an empty house. As she was an ordinary cat, she hated water. She was afraid of getting wet. She was meowing for a help but nobody took her across into the destination where she could get some food.  There was no way to get there.


A catfish escaped from a market and he mocked Feline the cat.

“Look! Feline, The Cat, there’s no food to get,” said Mr. Catfish.

“It’s the day of the flood. It’s cold day for you, Feline. A cat fears everything cold. It was the day for a toad,” said a toad.

“The water is everywhere. You can’t go anywhere. Now, hunger is your fate. Nobody will evacuate,” said Mr. Catfish.


“Meow!  Meow!” Feline the Cat shouted.

Her eyes glistened with tears.


A praying mantis, on a green leaf, saw the sadness in Feline’s eyes.

“I want to help you but I’m too small to bring you jump. Feline, you must go beyond your fear. It was my grandfather said when I learned to jump from one tree to another,” said praying mantis.

“Thank you for your advice,” said the cat.

“Mr. Praying Mantis only gives you false hope,” said Mr. Toad.

“You are not Turkish Van Cat which can swim. You are just lowly stray cat. To avoid water is your fate. Now, you just can meow and wait for your fate of hunger. Your weakness and fear of water have been written in the book of zoology,” said Mr. Catfish.

“Hey, you are not omniscience. How could you say that hunger is my fate? How could you say that my fear is my fate? Sometimes, something happens beyond what is written, expected, and recorded,” said Feline the Cat.

“Well, sometimes is anomaly,” said Mr. Toad.

“I’m beyond your judgment and analysis. Let’s see my destiny. I just do the best I can do. Let the destiny reveal,” said Feline.


Feline the Cat gazed sharply the flooding water around the house she stood. She bowed, closed her head toward water, erected her long tail and waved her bottom again and again. Then, she jumped into water.


“Look! The cat is swimming,” said a man of 30, looking at Feline who was swimming toward his boarding house.


Watching unexpected action of a cat, everyone opened their mouths in amazement and almost forgot to close them. Feline the Cat reached the hedge of the boarding house and climbed it.


“Meow! Meow!”

Inspirational Short Story: a Cat and The Flood
Inspirational Short Story: a Cat and The Flood

Feline the Cat was walking elegantly on the 3rd floor of the boarding house where she did not worry about hunger. She could get some food.


It is a miracle of courage. It is anomaly of habitual action but it motivates everybody to do something beyond their fears to overcome obstacles. Go beyond you fear and you will discover your strength.

The End

The writer of this fable fiction is YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves cats and fable.





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