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Palm Sunday Fable Story: Lowly Donkey and the King of Peace

It is story of lowly donkey who played its role in triumphal entry.

Short Fable Story: Lowly Donkey and the King of Peace

Once upon time, a colt of donkey in animal farm felt sad because his friend ridiculed him. Camel, Horse, and Goat said that he was stupid and lowly animal. His friend said that donkey was the symbol of ignorance, stubbornness and stupidity. His friends said that he was useless because he had never been ridden by people. Little Donkey lost his self confidence. He felt that nobody chose him and needed his help.


Old donkey asked why Little Donkey was so sad. Little Donkey told him that his friends laughed at him. Little Donkey said that he did not want to be a donkey. He said that he was lowly animal. He said that nobody wanted to use him. Old Donkey understood Little Donkey’s feeling and Old Donkey tried to encourage Little Donkey.


“Son, every creature is important. God creates every creature with purpose,” Old Donkey said.

“Don’t be desperate. Do the exercise and eat enough nutrition to prepare yourself because one day people will need you. Believe in and surrender your life to God.”


Old Donkey’s sentences were encouraging Little Donkey.


Day by day, his friends mocked him but Little Donkey always remembered and did what Old Donkey said. Even if sometimes he was sad, Little Donkey believed that God touched every creature.


The owner of the farm was a good person. He had good relationship with others. He prayed and expressed gratitude to God every day.


In the evening, the owner of the farm had a dream. In his dream, an angel said to him to tie his donkey in front of his house because God will need it.


The owner tied Little Donkey in front of his house. Two men came and released Little Donkey.


“Hi, why do you bring it?” the owner asked.

“The Lord hath need of it,” one of those two men answered.


The owner remembered what the angel had said and let the two men go with Little Donkey. Little Donkey wondered to himself what the men would do to him. The men brought Little Donkey to their teacher. They put their coat on it and their teacher sat on it. He was the first man who sat on Little Donkey. Little Donkey was happy because finally he found a man who wanted his help. Little Donkey felt peace, love, and comfort when the man touched him. The man must be a Great Teacher. The men, who had untied Little Donkey, were two of the Great Teacher’s twelve disciples.


When they entered the city the crowds were shouting, “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”


People waved palm branches and spread out their coats on the streets.

Little Donkey was very happy with the triumphal entry. Little Donkey realized that the King was with him. Not only was Great Teacher a King but He was also Savior. However, Little Donkey did not feel arrogance in the King. Great Teacher was humble king. Other king would bring army and ride stallion to show the power but Great Teacher chose lowly donkey and came with peace. He must be King of Peace. With Him, Little Donkey felt peace and love. His humility rekindled Little Donkey’s spirit. Little Donkey sensed divine energy in Great Teacher. Little Donkey felt that he was not lowly creature animal anymore. Little Donkey got his self confidence back. It was unforgettable moment for Little Donkey because he was chosen by the King of Peace in triumphal entry.


That magic moment changed Little Donkey’s life to be better. He became more confident. He was grateful because God loved him. He accepted his destiny as he was. He said to himself, “Everyone is important for God and God create everything with purpose. God love everyone. ”

Palm Sunday story for kids
Palm Sunday story for kids

Many people will remember the moment when King of Peace with the donkey entered the gate of city. The moment was recorded in the Holy Bible.

The End

Y.W. Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik writes this short fable story based on Palm Sunday story in the Holy Bible.


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