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For Your Blue Eyes Only: A Deaf Cat’s Story

For Your Blue Eyes Only: A Short Fable Story About Deaf Cat

Eighty percents of white cats with blue eyes are deaf and it is a fable story of one of them.

Eighty percents of white cats with blue eyes are deaf. Si Putih was one of them.

Si Putih was eating a fish that he had got from the trashcan. An orange cat was crouching behind Si Putih.  Si Putih was not aware of orange cat’s presence. He could not hear the orange cat’s steps because he was deaf. In a blink, the orange cat picked his fish and ran. Si Putih pursued the orange cat but the orange cat ran too fast. Si Putih lost his meal.

“Ha! Ha! Deaf cat’s meal has been stolen again,” said a hefty black cat.

“What a dumb cat! This looser cat always fails to be mouse hunter. This looser cat always fails to keep his meal,” other cat said, laughing at Si Putih.

In cat’s world, good sense of smell, visual acuity and speed are not enough in cat’s competition. A cat needs highly effective sense of hearing to hunt its prey and anticipate its competitor’s movement. Si Putih was supposed to be a hunter but he was deaf. He could not hear his friends’ mockery but he knew they laughed at him from their body language. It was hard to be a deaf cat in free competition. Sometimes, he felt that the life was not fair. His weakness leads him into problem.

Once in the morning, a kid of seven saw Si Putih. Si Putih’s blue eyes were looking to the kid’s eyes. They were observing each other intently. Si Putih moved his ears and meowed to express warm greeting. Si Putih’s instinct said that the kid was a good kind person. They liked each other at the first sight. Si Putih walked closer and slowly to the kid. The kid was caressing the cat. It was the expression of interest.

Since that time, the kid adopted Si Putih. Si Putih did not have to hunt nor explore the trashcan to get food anymore because he became the member of the kid’s family.

A Deaf Cat's Fable Story

The kid saw the beauty in Si Putih’s blue eyes and white fur whereas, in fact, white color and blue eyes were the physical characteristics of a deaf cat. Si Putih was a friendly cat. He was not tough hunter but he had power of attraction through his weakness. Si Putih finally found someone who accepted and loved him as he was. Then, he loved and accepted himself as he was.  He realized the beauty and positive things in his weakness. He was grateful for God’s blessings.

The End

NB: Si Putih in Bahasa Indonesia means The White. It is a fable story collection of Fable Fantasy, written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable.


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