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Fish Heron Storytelling
Free Short Fable Stories

Short Fable Story: Black Cave

This short fable story includes some characters: black heron, clown fish, and white fish.
Mirror Devil vs Blind Mole
Free Short Fable StoriesFree Short Fantasy Stories Online

Fable Story: Mirror Devil and The Blind Mole

Psychological short fable fantasy story in English. The magic story of little mole and magic mirror devil.
Turtle Bedtime Story
BusinessFree Short Fable Stories

Little Turtle Learnt to Grow

It is a turtle bedtime story about art of Living and turtle wisdom.
Monkey and Mouse Deer Cartoon
Free Short Fable Stories

Thirsty Monkey Story

Short Fable: Thirsty Monkey Story by Fable Fantasy
Short Story About Giraffes
Free Short Fable Stories

The Giraffe’s Story: Too Tall for Opportunity

A giraffe story in English. A short fable story about opportunity.