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Love Fable Story of Dolphin and Orangutan

Love Fable Story of Dolphin and Orangutan

It is short fable story about love and the nature of difference.

Orangutan really loved dolphin. He always remembered the kissed of dolphin when he was on boat.

Orangutan asked her to live with him. Dolphin said yes. Orangutan was happy and he performed monkey dance.  

Dolphin loved Orangutan. She wanted to share the beauty of deep sea. Dolphin asked Orangutan to live under the sea to see another beautiful creatures under the sea. Orangutan said yes because he loved her and it would be great.

Then, Orangutan and Dolphin were swimming and diving at sea. It’s OK for Dolphin but Orangutan could not dive and swim for a long time. His body did not feel food. Naturally, Orangutan was a land animal.

Then, Orangutan and Dolphin tried another solution. They decided to live on land. They decided to live in the jungle.

It was not easy for Dolphin to move on the land. It was not easy for her to get seafood. It was not wide enough for her to  swim in the river. 

Dolphin belonged to the sea. Without the sea, she was hungry. Without the sea,  she could not move lively. Without the sea, she did not have wide territory. Without the sea, she could not find seafood. She needed the sea.

Orangutan was aware of it. He brought he back to the sea. They naturally came from something different. Their nature was different. He understood it and respected her and so did she. 

He thought, “I must let her go so that she can live and grow.”

She thought, “He must live his life to be him better self.”

Love Fable Story Dolphin and Orangutan

They decided to live apart because they understood and respected each other. They understood that they could not live together forever. They understood that their relationship would not come into meeting point in the future.  There’s nothing to be forced.

The End

YW Purnomosidhi wrote this story during Work From Home due to Coronavirus/ Covid19 Pandemic. See the free fable stories list in


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