Motivational Fable: Journey to the Triple Waterfalls – Fable Fantasy



Motivational Fable: Journey to the Triple Waterfalls

You need vision, action, and experience to lead yourself to reach your goal.

It is motivational short fable story about animals in the journey to the Triple Waterfalls.


Motivational Fable: Journey to the Triple Waterfalls

“If you want to get success, you should bring the water from triple waterfalls on the slope of Mount Gede, ” said Golden Snail to his three disciples – Mouse Deer, Tapir, and Civet.


“What will we do to the water?” asked Mouse Deer.

“We will drink it,” answered Golden Snail.

“OK, I’ll hire the monkeys to bring the water from the triple waterfalls for us,” said Tapir.

“No, you should go to the triple waterfalls and get the water yourself. It is a rite you must do for your success,” said Golden Snail.

“But, I think the power of the water is just a myth. Why should we do tiring journey there?” asked Civet.

“I do not force you to do it. It’s up to you. It is my training method,” said Golden Snail.

He turned around and walked, leaving his disciples.


“Wait! Wait! Master Golden Snail, we will do it,” said Mouse Deer.

Golden Snail turned his head and glanced toward his disciples.

“If you want to do it, you can go tomorrow morning. During the journey, open your eyes and heart,” said Golden Snail.

“Mouse Deer, are you sure about it?” asked Civet.

“It’s nothing to lose to try, Bro,” said Mouse Deer.

“I hope we will get something from it,” said Tapir.


Cold mist still blanketed the Mount Gede. Roosters sang a morning song. The sun was shining with its warm light.

Mouse Deer, Civet, and Tapir started their journey. Their hike took them on  a rocky trail through thick green rain-forest to the triple waterfalls. They hiked on the steep with mossy trees in their left and right.

Motivational Fable Civet Story

Sweat wetted their bodies. They gasped and panted but they kept on hiking on the slope of Mount Gede. Their journey was not a long trek for a mountain climber but they were not well trained physically and psychologically for climbing.


They stopped and sat on a big stone for a rest.


“Are we close to the waterfall? It is so tiring.” asked Tapir.

“I don’t know,” said Mouse Deer.

“What if we go home and take the water from the well?” said Civet.

“No, we won’t give up! We are here now and we must accomplish our journey. We must reach our destination,” said Mouse Deer.

“It’s hard to bring my fat body  to move forward on the steep. It’s hard to breath. I’m so tired but I will disgrace myself if I give up and stop,” said Tapir.

“You are in wonderful spirit, Mr. Tapir. I’ll be ashamed if you can reach the destination but I can’t,” said Civet.

They were not the only group of hikers. The other group of animals walked down and up the slope of the mountain.

“Excuse me, gentlemen,” said a yellow cat, passing them by.


A couple of rabbits were also walking on the rocky trail of the slope. They were sweaty but they enjoyed the beauty of their journey as they were the rabbits in love. Perhaps, love gave them more power.


Mouse Deer gazed the rabbits and said, “Master Golden Snail is right. We should open our heart and mind. Perhaps, he means we must enjoy the journey. Look at everything around you! This green place is full of beauty and plenty. Breathe this fresh air! Feel something fresh your lungs and body.”


A group of five one-horned Rhinoceros were walking down stone-made stairway in front of Mouse Deer.


“Come on! Don’t give up! Keep your spirit high! The waterfalls are still far from here. It takes a long journey to get there,” said a Rhino, smiling at Mouse Deer and his friends.


“Thank you for your encouragement,” said Civet.

As Rhinos’ bodies were not wet, Tapir concluded that the rhinoceroses had taken a long way from the waterfalls.

If his tiring body could have spoken, it would have suggested Tapir not continue his journey. Tapir took his deep breath and cast his laziness aside.


“Let’s walk again, friends!” Tapir shouted, defeating the whisper of giving up.

Tapir, Mouse Deer, and Civet continued their journey. They tried to enjoy everything they could enjoy. They breathed fresh air. They heard the song of the birds. They saw the green forest which nurtured everything in it.


As they saw the blue lake, they wash their legs and faces. They drank the fresh water near it and were grateful for the abundance of the universe. It was a wonderful place but they were aware it was not their destination.


Beauty and water of the blue pond refreshed their mind and they continued to climb.

“Are we close to the destination? How far we should walk more to reach the destination? Why is the destination too far from us? Why are we not getting closer to the destination?”


That was they thought as they were so tired and bored with the journey. Although they could see, they were blind because they could not oversee how far their position from the destination was.


They walked slower than they had. Their eyes drooped and they gasped for a breath.

Black monkeys jumped from a tree to another.


“Keep walking, friends! Move forward! If the waterfalls are your destination, you are close to your destination,” said a black monkey, sitting on the branch of the tree above Mouse Deer and his friends.

“Thank you!”


As they heard good news, everyone was in wonderful spirit. They walked forward faster and whistled a joyful song. The dark cloud came and the rain poured them with fresh water. They shouted a joyful cry. For them, the rain was the gift from heaven to refresh their body and mind.


The sound of waterfalls came closer and closer as they were walking forward.

“Wow, what a wonderful life!” said Mouse Deer, gazing the beauty of three waterfalls.

Tapir gazed upward and said, “Thank you, God, for this little paradise! I feel that I am in You.”

“Let’s get the water!” said Civet.


Those three animals drank the water and swam. They took the water in three bottles. After they enjoyed their day near the waterfalls, they packed for their trip back to their home.


They could walk faster because they went down the slope of the mountain. They enjoyed their trip because they knew how far their position from their destination was. When they met tired climbers, they encouraged them to move forward. Mouse Deer remembered Golden Snail’s tips to open their heart and mind and he realized something in his experience during the journey.


In the night, they met Golden Snail.

“Drink the water!” said Golden Snail.

They drank the water from triple waterfalls.

“Do you feel something different?” asked Golden Snail.


“The water is just fresh water. Secret of success is the treasure but one of the keys is not the water. The key is your journey to get it. I’ve asked you to open your eyes and heart during the journey. What have you learned from the journey?” asked Golden Snail.


Mouse Deer, Civet, and Tapir discussed in a whisper-mode voice and they came into conclusion.

“For success, we need vision. We need oversee the journey to the destination. We need to see how far we have walked or how far we must walk more to reach the destination,” said Civet.

“OK, it’s good conclusion, Civet. How about you, Tapir?” asked Golden Snail.

“Sometimes, we are tired when we don’t have vision. We give up and only see obstacles when we don’t have a vision of our destination. However, we should do something and move closer to the destination,” said Tapir.

“You are well-motivated learner, Tapir. What have you learned, Mouse Deer?” asked Golden Snail.


“We can encourage and lead people to move forward because we have seen or reached the destination. When we go home, we walk confidently because we have seen our destination and experienced the trip. When we haven’t reached the destination, we think it is difficult. When we have reached the destination and seen that it is possible, we see easiness,” said Mouse Deer.


“Everybody has learned good lessons. You need vision, action, and experience to lead yourself to reach success,” said Golden Snail.


The author of this business fable is YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, who is an active blogger from Indonesia. He loves to write his personal journey, fantasy and fable short stories.


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