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Short Fable Story : The Arrogant Giraffe and A Smart Mousedeer

Everybody has his strength and weakness. Empower your strength but respect another. It is a fable story about animals with moral lesson. It is good for fable story telling to remind us not to fall in arrogance.

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Short Fable Story :

An Arrogant Giraffe and A Smart Mouse Deer


“Look! How athletic I am! I’m the most handsome animal in this jungle. With my strong legs, I can sprint fast. With my tall necks, I can reach fruits from the top of high trees. I can kick the short animals who dare to challenge me,” said Giraffe.


Donkey, Sheep, and Pig bowed their heads.


“I don’t like him. He underestimates us. He insults us,” said Donkey with a voice louder than a whisper.

“Sstt! Don’t make him angry. He can kick you easily like what he did to me,” said Sheep.

“He’s so arrogant. I hope he’ll learn,” said Pig.


Almost everyday, they heard unpleasant words from Giraffe but they were not brave enough to warn him.

Giraffe’s arrogance became word of mouth in the jungle.


Mouse Deer, who heard about Giraffe’s behavior, came to Giraffe.


“Giraffe, you can ran fast and reach something at the higher place but I’m not sure you can catch me,” said Mouse Deer.

“Hi, small short ugly animal, how dare you to challenge me? My long neck can reach you from here. My strong legs can move faster and kick you,” said Giraffe.

“Waste no time. Catch me if you can. Do it now,” said Mouse Deer.


Giraffe walked closer to Mouse Deer. Mouse Deer turned around and ran as fast as he could.


“I’ll make you cry, ugly short animal!” shouted Giraffe, running after Mouse Deer.


Mouse Deer was running and zigzagging through the narrow path among the trees and big stones. Although Giraffe could run faster than Mouse Deer did, it was not easy for Giraffe to catch Mouse Deer as he should go slower to zigzag and sometimes his leg stumbled over the roots of the big trees.


Then, Mouse Deer ran into a cave. Giraffe kept running after him and entered the cave.

The deeper they went inside; the darker, the path they passed.


“Ouch, my head!” Giraffe cried in pain.

Mouse Deer stopped as he knew that Giraffe did not run after him anymore.

“Somebody, help me! It hurts,” groaned Giraffe, lying on the ground of the dark cave.


Mouse Deer felt the way in the dark cave and searched the source of Giraffe’s voice.


“Hi, you step on me! My head struck stalactite hanging from the roof of the cave and now you step on my body,” said Giraffe.

“Oops! Sorry!” said Mouse Deer.


Everything was dark in side the cave. Mouse Deer and Giraffe could not see clearly.

“Ok, I’ve got your body. I support you to walk to exit this cave. Look at that light! That’s the exit way.”


Both animals exited the dark cave. Pig, Sheep, and Donkey saw bruised face of Giraffe and wondered what had happened to him.


“Guys, give him first aid,” said Mouse Deer.

Sheep took first aid kit and helped Giraffe.

“I’m your enemy. Why do you help me?” asked Giraffe.

“I’m your friend but you are arrogant and we just don’t like your arrogance. Friendship need mutual respect,” said Sheep.


“All people have respective strength and weakness. If you are tall, you reach something high. In the other hand, if you are short, your head can easily avoid the danger from above. Respect your friends. When you underestimate someone, you make him dislike himself and you. As a good friend, you should support your friends to build their self confidence,” said Mouse Deer.


Giraffe smiled and said, “Friends, I’m sorry. Thank you. I learn good lesson from you. Everybody has his strength.  We cannot compare an apple with an orange. Everybody has potency to be their best self.

The End

It is one of fable story collection written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik Jogja. He is a translator. He is a blogger who loves to write fable and fantasy stories. You can contact his WhatsApp +628170034382 or follow his twitter @purnomosidhi .


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