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Short Fable Story: Interview with Young Eagle

Sometimes, the others say they know your limit because they have their limitation to assess your ability.

Never let anyone put you into small box.


Fable Story: Interview with Young Eagle

A young eagle was looking for new job. Once day, after doing the written test, he had job interview. He sat in front of Wolf, the interviewer. Wolf looked serious, reading young eagle’s CV. Just like another job interview, they had conversation about job and personality. Then, they came to talk about deeper topic.

“Well, I think your talent in flying is not good enough. Many applicants can fly far better than you,” said Wolf.

Young Eagle just smiled and kept listening. He was not comfortable.

“Have you flying activity given great result to you?”

Young Eagle did not say a thing and only smiled. He felt he was small. He knew he was still learning to fly well.

“I see in your CV. You have worked in your previous organization for more than five years but your salary is still not good enough. I don’t know whether your organization did not give you opportunity or you did not take it?”

Young Eagle did not answer. He was confused to answer. His organization had given him many tasks and he took it but just like other employees in his organization, he received lower salary than many other companies. However, his friendly organization had made him feel become member of harmonious family. That was why he and his friends had not left that comfort zone even if they received unsatisfying salary. Young Eagle felt Wolf judged his performance by his income. It was reasonable because many people judged others by their salaries.

“By the way, based on your experience in your CV, I suggest you to do something else. Your motivation to get new job is to increase your income, isn’t it? In your previous job, your income was three sardines per day. Now, I offer you new job and you’ll receive three and half sardines per day,” said Wolf.

“Come on, sir! Would you add more please?”

“Eagle, ten percent increment is common and it’s more than that.”

“What kind of job will you give to me?” Eagle asked.

“I give you two options. First, you act as a mascot for restaurant. You will just stand and greet the customers, showing your wonderful looks. Second, you’ll work for coffee plantation. In this job, you will scrap the land and plant the seeds. Sometimes, you can use your strength to frighten the pests. You can have new job if you forgot and do not fly anymore,” explained Wolf.

“Why? I love to fly just for pleasure. Why do you forbid me to fly?”

“I say it because flying doesn’t give you great result. Moreover, your CV says that you are multi function staff. It’s impossible for someone to master all things. You are just Jack of all trade but master of nothing. Just focus on what I say or your interview today will be useless,” Wolf said.

Young Eagle did not say any response. I thought Wolf might underestimate him in order to bargain. Some buyer said about the product’s weakness because they wanted to get cheaper price.

“Mr. Young Eagle, we will contact you next week. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too. Thank you, Sir!” Young Eagle shook Wolf’s hand and then he went home.


A week later, Wolf met Young Eagle on the riverside and Wolf asked Young Eagle about his response to the job offer.

“Mr. Wolf, I really thank you. However, I cannot stop trying to fly. I love flying. I love what I do. I know I’m still learning to fly but I believe I can fly better and better. I just wan to be my self and explore my best self. When flying, I feel the freedom of the blue sky and I see many opportunities to get foods. When doing my best, I see many opportunity for prosperity. When flying, I see this world with its beauty and plenty. Our last interview was not useless because I also learn from it. I believe I can get more than eighteen sardines per day. I can get not only fishes but also chicken, frogs, and other small animals,” said Young Eagle, spreading out his wings.

Then, Young Eagle was flying elegantly. Suddenly, Young Eagle swoop down the river and sized a fish.

“I get it!”

short fable story about eagle

The End

This short story about eagle is written by Mas Wahyu Didik alias YW Purnomosidhi, a netpreneur who love fable stories.


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