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Short Fable Story: A Bad Apple in Bunch

There is bad apple in every bunch.

Short Fable Story: A Bad Apple in Bunch

An orangutan, called Otan, was climbing up and down from one to another tree to collect the fruits into the bucket. There were three buckets of fruits, one for Durians, one for Apples, and the other for lemons. Yeah, orangutans were the best tree climbers in the junggle.


A red parrot, called Motiparrot, was standing on a branch and giving day speech while another animals were listening to him. Yeah, he was talkative and interesting story teller.


Motiparrot picked an apple and was pecking the apple again and again.
“Blargh!” he vomited it as he realized tha it was a bad apple.

Then, the red parrot flied into a durian. Throwing the durian to the ground so that it was broken into four slices. His saliva dropped as he saw golden yellow soft flesh of durian. Then, he eat it.
“Wow, it’s delicious.”

Motiparrot flied to a branch of a tree and then stood on it.

Sound of sirene echoed. All animals were wondering of what it was. It was surprising to know that Motiparrot was imitating the sound of sirene. He was skillfull in getting the attention.

Many eyes were looking at Motiparrot.

“We must be high quality ceeatures. It’s the way to win the competition, ” said Motiparrot with a loud shrill voice.

Even if he was annoying, everybody paid attention to him.

“Be like Durian, it is delicious. It tastes good. It is high quality fruit. No wonder, people call durian king of fruit,” said Motiparrot.

Durian smiled at the red parrot.

“Don’t be like apple. Apple is not good for you. Apple is bad. I say it because I have just eaten bad apple. So, don’t eat apple. It is low quality fruit, ” said Motiparrot.

“Hi, parrot! You talk too much! Not all my fruits are bad, ” Apple Tree protested.
“..but I ate bad apple. It’s the evidence,” said Motiparrot.
“Yeah, just because you only ate a bad apple from the bucket, you said that all apple were bad. You judge without observation. You overgeneralize it, ” said Orang Utan.
“Parrot, takes this lemon and taste it,” said Orang Utan, throwing a lemon to Motiparrot.

Motiparrot caught it and then he was pecking and eating it.

“Yuck!” Motiparrot spitted it out.
“It’s sour. It’s not good to eat. Guys, Don’t eat lemon,” said Motiparrot in a loud voice.
“You just see with your eyes. Lemon is good for health. Just because you don’t like it, you say it’s bad. Many facts say lemon is healthy food. Please use your head before you speak,” said Otan the orangutan.

Then, Otan swung to the bucket of durian. He took a durian. He brought the durian and jumped to the front of the parrot.
Otan dropped the durian to the ground between Motiparrot and him. It was broken and Otan opened it.

“Look!” Said Otan the orangutan, pointing his finger to the durian.
Motiparrot the red parrot looked at the flesh of durian.
“Some of them is good. Some of them is bad. There is good and bad thing in it,” said Motiparrot.

Apple tree threw an aple to Motiparrot.

“Take it,” said Apple Tree.

Motiparrot caught the apple and ate it.

“Hmmm, yummy! It tastes good,” said Motiparrot.
“See? Open your eyes! There is good apple too. Don’t let overgeneralization blind you. Don’t judge the other, ” said Otan the Orangutan.

There is bad apple quotes


In a group, there is bad and good one. It does not mean that the group is bad.

The End


This short fable fiction is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable and fantasy stories.


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