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Short Fable Story: Black Battery and His Role

Everything has purpose. Everyone has a role. Everybody has a calling.

Read following short fable story about technology.

Short Fable Story: Black Battery and His Role

The tools and gadgets in Parmeen’s room had chitchat even though no man could hear what they said.

The Black Battery was a new comer in that room.


“Hi, Black Battery, I’ve never seen Mr. Parmeen touching you. So, you must prepare to be eliminated,” said Television.

“You must get ready to be with useless plastics, food scraps, and other smelly things in garbage disposal.” The Cell Phone mocked Black Battery.


The battery Black did not say anything. He was just silent.


“I am senior in this room and as all of you have seen, every day, our master, Mr. Parmeen always activates me and enjoy entertainment through me,” said Television.

“Everyday Mr. Parmeen always holds me, activate me to update his status at Facebook and Twitter, send SMS, call his friends, listen to music, and play the game. I am not only useful for communication but also entertaining,” said Smartphone.


“Mr. Parmeen also has good relationship with me. With me, he can play games, listen to music, search for information via the internet, or do his work. I help Mr. Parmeen doing his work but also entertain him, “said Computer.

“Guys! You forget how important I am. I illuminate this room at night. If I were not here, Mr. Parmeen would be afraid of the dark,” said White Lamp.


“So, why are you here?” Television looked at Black Battery.

“Hey, Black Battery! You are just wrong thing in a wrong place. This room is only for those who are special,” said White Lamp.

“I think it’s better for you to join other batteries and old radio player. This room is only for useful ones. You are going to be the trash, “said Smartphone.


The Black Battery just kept silent and thought of the mockery. He felt that he was useless to his master. He worried about his useless status and he told Old Radio Player about his worry.

Old Radio Player tried to comfort The Battery Black and said, “You are not the only one battery here. Look! They are not worried. Don’t worry! Everything is created with a purpose. There is purpose in every creation. Your presence here must have objective. ”


It was hard for Black Battery to believe what Old Radio Player said because so far he did not play any role for his master.


Once upon a night, the electricity went off and the city underwent blackout. Parmeen could not turn on Television, Lamp, and Computer.


“Even if the city undergo blackout, I can still entertain and help Mr. Parmeen to communicate with his friends,” said Cell Phone.

“Don’t you know that your battery is getting low?” said Old Radio Player.


Cell Phone showed low battery warning. Parmeen went into his dark room. He lit a candle. Then, he took Old Radio Player and six batteries.


“Black Battery, it’s time for action,” said Old Radio Player.

“What can I do?” Black Battery asked.

“We are going to work together. I need the energy from you and your friends to entertain Mr. Parmeen, our master, during electricity blackout in this city,” said Old Radio Player.


Parmeen inserted batteries into Old Radio Player. The radio was on. With his radio, Parmeen enjoyed music and listened to the news.

battery short fable story

“Old Radio is right. Everything has been created for a purpose. Everyone is special. Everyone here has a role. I can give something to others,” said Black Battery in his heart.

In a dark night, Parmeen could enjoy the music by using has radio and batteries.

The End

Mas Wahyu Didik a.k.a YW Purnomosidhi wrote this short fable fantasy story for short story contest about technology but he did not win.



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