Tale of Horseshoe Crabs: Love Fable from The Sea – Fable Fantasy



Tale of Horseshoe Crabs: Love Fable from The Sea

Tale of Horseshoe Crabs is just a short fable fiction, written in 2014. It’s modern fiction instead of folklore or legend. The writer was interested to horseshoe crab when he heard the sentence about these animals which he frequently heard during Javanese marriage ceremony. The Javanese toast master says, “May the couple always live together like the couple of horseshoe crabs.” Yes, the fact shows that horseshoe crabs mate for life. So, their togetherness and permanent became the symbol of Javanese marriage.

The writer then wrote the sea fable story which exposed the togetherness of horseshoe crabs and their effort to live together. The writer also emphasized the power of will and love in facing the obstacles. It is fable love story. it is motivational short story. It is inspirational short story. The journey to realize the dream is always inspiring.

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horseshoe crab story
horseshoe crab story



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