Fable Story: Alex and the Mold – Fable Fantasy



Fable Story: Alex and the Mold

Find bless in failure!

We need to open our heart and mind to see bless in every situation even if it is not expected situation. This short fable story remind us about it.

Alex and the Mold

Alex woke up after dawn. He checked all his cultures of bacteria on a bench in a corner of his untidy laboratory.

“Why you are here?”

Alex was startled to see that the mold contaminated one culture.


“Alex, your lab is untidy. You work carelessly. I am fungus and I can live here. Thanks for your untidiness!” The Mold said.

“You have destroyed my bacteria!”  Alex was disappointed with the accident.


Alex was unlucky. The existence of the mold in the culture was out of procedure. It could make Alex fail.

The mold had destroyed the colonies of bacteria, which had surrounded it.


“The colonies cannot live with me. We don’t match,” said the mold.

“You fail, Alex! The mold is not supposed to be here!” The colonies said.


Alex saw that other colonies in other culture plates without that mold were normal.

“Hey, Mold! The colonies cannot live with you. You can destroy them. I have something. You can help us. You can help people,” said Alex.

“Now, let me check you, mold!” Alex checked the mold with his microscope.

“What are you doing Lex? You have failed,” said the Microscope.

“I have found something.”

“You are genius, Lex. You do not give up. You find something valuable in your failure. You change the failure into discovery. Congratulation!” Microscope said.

Alex and The Mold Motivational Short Story
Alex and The Mold Motivational Short Story

The failure becomes bless. The accidental existence of the mold inspired Alex to discover something that would change the course of history. Alex identified the mold as Penicillium Notatum, which had produced what we now call Penicillin. Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin as antibiotic agent. The discovery has altered forever the treatment of bacterial infections. Penicillin is one of the first antibiotic agents. It is one of the most widely used antibiotic agents.

The End

YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik rewrites Alexander Fleming experience into this fable fantasy story.


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