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Motivational and Inspirational Short Stories: Fable of Elephant’s Walk

| October 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

Fable of Elephant’s Walk is one of motivational and inspirational short stories about loving your journey to reach your goal.

Somtimes, in our process to realize our dream, we see the others better than us. Sometimes, we are not patient enough to experience our journey. We feels  slower and  weaker than the others. This thought really exhausts out mind and wastes our energy because we rush extremelly.

Mr. Elephant, who felt that he was weak and slow, wasted his energy and mind to hate his condition and himself. He did not accept  his condition and he hated it. However, he had Mousedeer to accompany him and finally he realized that he should love and accept  himself. He felt better when he opened his heart to enjoy every step of his journey.

This small story not only for kids has happy ending. Finally, Mr. Elephant and Mousedeer could reach their destination, the lake of abundance.

This short story with moral is not only for children. It has broad  moral. Enjoy every step of your journey. Love the process. Love and accept your self. Have faith and don’t give up! Sometimes, you fall when you are close to the destination. Keep the faith!

Are you interesting to read the story for free?

Click HERE Short Motivational Fable Story: Elephant Walk!

Inspirational Short Stories Elephant by YW Purnomosidhi

Inspirational Short Stories Elephant

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