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Short Fable Story: You Need a New Shell, Little Hermit Crab!

Do you have the bad past life? Let it go! This motivational short fable story shortly tells about it.


You Need a New Shell, Little Hermit Crab!


“I want to grow like them,” said Little Hermit Crab, looking at his old friends who grew bigger than he did.


He was at the reunion party at the bottom of a deep sea but he did not enjoy the party. He was aware that he had no significant growth. He was still a tiny hermit crab.


“Hi, don’t show your sad face! It’s a party. Let’s enjoy it,” said Star Fish.

“I’m just like who I was. I have failed to make an improvement in my life. I’m still tiny,” said Little Hermit Crab.

“So, it is about size, isn’t it? I see that your friends have grown bigger than your shell. I don’t mean to mock you but it’s true,” said Star Fish.

“How can I grow bigger and bigger if my shell limit my growth,” said Little Hermit Crab with a sad voice.

“Follow me!”


Star Fish held Little Hermit Crab’s hand and then brought him swimming in a place where they saw many empty shells.


“As you grow in size, you should find larger shell,” said Star Fish.

“I know you need to protect your body. You cannot live healthy without shell. Leave your old shell and get the new one,” said Star Fish.

“No, this shell has protected me. I have many experiences with this shell. I cannot leave it. It’s strong shell. I’m afraid I can’t leave without it,” said Little Hermit Crab.

“Never let your comfort zone restrains your growth. It’s time to start with something new. You want to grow, don’t you?” said Star Fish.


Little Hermit Crab walked toward a bigger shell. Star Fish saw doubt in Little Hermit Crab’s face.


“Your sadness stifles you as your small shell restrains your growth. Open your mind! You need new larger space to grow. You need new shell,” said Star Fish.


Little Hermit Crab left his old shell behind and wore the new one.

Small Stories for Kids Hermit Crab Fable Story

He smiled at Star Fish and said, “Am I bigger now?”

“Not yet but you are going to grow bigger. It needs time to grow,” answered Star Fish.

With new shell, Little Hermit Crab had enough space to grow. Three years later, he met Star Fish at the reunion party.

“Hi, you are a big hermit crab, now,” said Star Fish, hugging the hermit crab.

The End

This short fable story about sea creatures is written by YW Purnomosidhi a,k.a Mas Wahyu Didik. It was firstly published in Triond but it is in FableFantasy.Com now.


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