A Kingdom without Cat: A Fable Short Story of Life Role – Fable Fantasy



A Kingdom without Cat: A Fable Short Story of Life Role

A Kingdom without Cat: A Fable Short Story of Life Role

Everyone has personal roles in life. To aware of the role life and respect each other are also our roles in life. This short fable or fantasy story with moral lesson remind us about it.

A Story of Puss: A Kingdom without Cat

Everybody in the hall closed their nose and the King wondered where the unpleasant smell came from.

“This hall reeks!” said the King.

Everybody checked their shoes to search the source of the smell but nobody dared to check the King’s.


The King put off his shoes. He was disgusted at seeing the poop at his shoe. He was aware that he had stepped on the cat’s poop. The ministers also saw it but they tried to hide their feelings. Everybody in the hall knew the source of the smell as they saw the minister frowned when looking at the king’s shoes.


The king felt guilty and shy because he brought the smell of cat’s poop into the hall.


Then, the king was standing and said, “From now on, not cat shall live in my kingdom. Cats are useless. They are only eating, sleeping, and pooping.”


That day was the last day for the cats in his kingdom. The King sent his soldiers to clean the cats. The King would punish everybody who adopted a cat. The soldiers caught the cats and threw them away from the kingdom. In a week, the soldiers expelled all cats.


Week by week, month by month, the kingdom became the place without any cat. Mice had no rival. Mice moved freely without pressure. They stole eggs, bread, fruit, and cheese. They damaged wheat fields and food production decreased. Without cat, the kingdom invited more and more mice. Without cat, the kingdom was the best place for mice population to grow.  The mice enjoyed their cat-free days.

Cat Story Kids with moral

Prime Minister reported the attack of the mice to the King. The King frowned. He touched his forehead and tried to find the solution in his mind.


“Prime Minister, we should find someone who can solve this problem. We should hold a contest for expelling the mice from my kingdom. The winner will receive a golden cup,” said the King.


Prime Minister called the clerks and commanded them to write the announcement of the contest. Then, he sent the soldiers to post and read out the announcement to people.


Some people appeared before the King and offered the plan to expel the mice but they failed to make their plan happen.


Once in the evening, a yellow cat appeared before the King. The cat moved his tail and ears to greet the King.


“Soldier! Throw this creature away!” shouted the King.

Ten soldiers with swords encircled the yellow cat.

“Whoa! Whoa! Let me talk first!” said the yellow cat.


The cat could talk and it shocked the King.

“Talk before I throw you into the pool! Who are you?” said the King.

“I’m Hans. I know how to handle the mice,” said the yellow cat.



“We are cats. We are not useless like what you said. Everyone has role in this life. Being mouse’s rival is our nature. Since ancient Egypt, cats have become human’s friend. No mouse feels free to damage farm or steal food when we exist,” said Hans, the cat.


The King walked closer to the cat, squatted, and moved his head closer to the cat. Then he said, “Tell me about your plan!”


Hans whispered his plan to the King. The King listened and nodded his head.

“Okay, if you fail, I’ll kick you,” said the King.

“If we succeed, let us live in this kingdom,” said Hans, wagging his tail.


Hans left the castle of the King and he called other cats to enter the kingdom. The mice shuddered with fear as they heard the mass arrival of the cats. Some mice ran away from the kingdom. Some mice hid. Some mice got caught by the cats. The cats limited the mice movement. The mice could not freely steal food anymore. Mice could not freely damage the wheat field anymore.


The cats solved the problem in the kingdom. The kingdom accepted the cats. Some people adopted some of them. The cats played their role as people’s friends and mouse hunters.


The King did not hate cat anymore. He learned to respect others. He was aware that everyone played important role in life.

The End


The definition of life role is something or part in life which everyone plays. Respect the roles of the others and define your life roles.

This short fable story is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik for the cat lover or cat-a-holic.





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