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Frog Motivational Story: A Frog under a Coconut Shell

This fable short story about animals is a frog story for motivation.

Since his tadpole age, a tiny frog lived under a small coconut shell on the river mud. For him, the coconut shell was his world. He never left his coconut shell but he was not alone. He lived with the others tiny animals.

“I’m the fastest animal. I swim faster than you do,” said tiny frog.

“So, you think that you are the best animal in this place, Mr. Frog?” said Brown Worm.

“You are always boasting about your ability. We don’t like it,” said Golden Snail.

“I just tell you the truth. Snail, you are slower than the slow animal. I’m a multi talented animal. I can jump but both of you can only creep. You must be ticklish when you creep,” said Mr. Frog.

Three days later, continuous heavy rain was pounding. The overflow of water submerged the land of the riverside. It washed away the coconut shell where Mr. Frog and his friends lived under. They missed their coconut shell but they were safe because they could swim freely in the river.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped. The sun warmed the land and the river and a rainbow decorated the sky.

“Wow, it’s beautiful,” said Golden Snail.

“We should find our coconut shell,” said Mr. Frog.

“No, we don’t need coconut shell. It’s our place – the world with beauty and plenty,” said Golden Snail.

“Look! We have so many friends in this new world,” said Brown Worm, looking at a group of fishes in the river.

“It is not new world but it is a new beginning for us to see the real world. Mr. Frog, I’m sure you are no longer the fastest animal in this world,” said Golden Snail.

Mr. Frog looked at the mocking smile of Golden Snail and said, “I’m better than they are. You’ll see.”

Mr. Frog swam beside a catfish and challenged him in a swimming race. The catfish swam fast like an arrow. Mr. Frog stopped and just gazed tail of the catfish as he realized that he was far behind his rival. He also saw an eel, a snake, and a goldfish swimming faster than he did.

Then, Mr. Frog swam toward the riverbank and jumped onto a stone. Mr. Frog saw three little cats jumping, playing, and wrestling each other. He was sure that the cats jumped higher than he could.

He was aware that he had been a frog under a coconut shell. He had boasted about his ability. He had underestimated his friends. The real world opened his mind and he learned to be modest.

This short fable story with moral lesson tell us to open mind to see the world and live life.

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