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Little Turtle Learnt to Grow

Turtle Bedtime Story: Little Turtle Learnt to Grow

It is a turtle bedtime story about art of Living and turtle wisdom.


Splashing sound shocked a little turtle as a big body emerged from lake.

A big old turtle smiled at the little one.

“Hi, kid.”

“Hi, good morning, sir,” said Little Turtle, smiling at Old Turtle.

Little Turtle saw a big strong old turtle in front of him and he remembered something.

“Oh, you are the legend. One hundred-year-old legend!” Little Turtle said.

“One hundred and eight precisely” Old Turtle smiled.

Little Turtle had heard the legendary story about an old turtle. He was curious.

Little turtle encouraged himself to ask.

“How can you survive? How can you live until…?”

“Not only survive but also grow. Not only just live but live the journey,” Old Turtle interrupted.

“Sir, would you teach me?”, asked Little Turtle. 

Old Turtle was smiling.

“I will show you. Follow me. Sometimes, you need to walk slowly and carefully. Do breathing exercise when slowly walking. Be aware of everything and enjoy yourlife. Be grateful.”

Old Turtle walked slowly and Little Turtle followed his movement.

“It’s walking meditation. Are you ready for next step?” 

“Yes, Sir!”

“Now, we start with a splash.”

Then, they plunged into the lake. 

“First, master your safe mode!” Old turtle said, pulling its head and legs inside his hard shell.

“Ah, I know it.”

“Train your retracting skill! Safety! Protection! Safest mode! They are important,” said Old Turtle.

Both were trained the safest mode of turtle.

“Kid, danger is coming! Safest mode! Protection!” Old Turtle warned Little Turtle.

Something big was moving. Both turtles retracted their heads and legs into their hard shells. 

The big fish crashed the little turtle’s hard shell.

As it was hard, the big fish was not interested in it and leaving the turtles. 

Old Turtle saw that the big fish went away.

“It’s clear, kid. Let’s move forward and get new opportunity!” 

“No, I think it’s comfortable if we just stay still in safest mode,” said Little Turtle. 

“You need to grow, Kid! Don’t trapped in comfort zone! We must move forward,” said Old Turtle, moving his legs to move forward. 

They moved to a group of fishes.

“Keep moving! Seize the day! Pick something useful! Get something profitable! Eat the fish!” 

Old turtle swam here and there, catching the fish and so did the little turtle.

“Move forward, grow, get benefit, take opportunity and move safe!” Old turtle smiled.

Turtle Bedtime Story

Little turtle got the precious lesson. He needed to catch something to grow. His body needed it. However, when danger came, he should prepare protection.  While he took opportunities to grow, he should practice safety principle. 

The End

This short fable story is written by YW Purnomosidhi alias Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable.


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