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Short Fable Story: Parrot and Cat Forget to Act

Short Fable Story of Animals: Parrot and Cat Forget to Act

It is a short fable story about animals with moral lesson. It is fable story collection by Fable Fantasy


“Parrot is great family. Parrot’s way of life is the best way. Another way is no way. It is the only way to life. Be a parrot,” said a parrot called Motiparrot.


Motiparrot boasted about the greatness of his group. It was OK until he tended to mock and underestimate another group and said, “I am the great debater. I win every debar. Who win in debate is the true one.”


Yeah, it was a kind of challenging. Day after day, many animals challenged him in debates.


“I am Feline, the cat, from Felidae family. Lion, king of the jungle, and tiger belongs to my family. We are great hunters and meat eaters. Look I have sharp claws and fangs. Our way of life is hunter life. Cat can climb and jump high.


“Meat  eater? It doesn’t mean that you are superior. I eat meat too,” said Motiparrot.


“Mr. Motiparrot, we are not just meat eater. In food pyramid, we are above your family. Is there any literature which says that parrot eats cat? If you can find any, I promise I will be your slave. In reality, in many references, cat eats parrot. For your information, friend of mine ate a parrot. Have you heard a cat eat parrot?” ” said Feline the cat.


Many animals watched the debates. Once a week, Feline and Motiparrot met in debate. Some animals followed Motiparrot. Some animals agreed with Feline that cat’s family was the superior one. However, Chitra, the turtle, and Mr. Mousedeer were not interested in debate.


Once upon a time, heavy rain caused flash flood in the jungle. Motiparrot the parrot and Feline the cat were running to the higher land because they could not swim.


The water was sweeping them. Motiparrot the parrot could not fly because he  had never practiced how to fly. Even if so many trees around Feline the cat, she could not climb because she had never practiced climbing.


Chitra the turtle and Mr. Mousedeer saw the debaters in trouble. Chitra the turtle jumped to the water and helped Feline the cat. Mr. Mousedeer, holding a branch with his mouth, swam to Motiparrot. Motiparrot the parrot held the branches and Mr. Mousedeer drove him to the safe land.


“You are safe now, ” said Chitra the turtle.

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“You are a bird but you can’t fly and you are a cat but you can’t climb,” sad Mousedeer to Feline and Motiparrot.


Chitra the turtle said, ” I am not expert in debate and I will not bet my confidence in it. I will not submit my hate in it. Both of you are great debater. Both of you are from great families. Parrot, why can’t you fly? Feline the cat, why can’t you climb and jump?”


“I haven’t practiced yet,” Feline the cat answered.


“If I have practiced the teaching of my group, I could fly,” said Motiparrot the parrot.


“If..? You talk too much but you never practice” said Chitra.


Mousedeer said, ” I see the greatness of your groups but you just boast and forget to practice the teachings and techniques from your respective group. You forget to develop yourself by using life exercise of your group. You waste your time to mock each other.”


What happened to Motiparrot and Feline make both of them aware that they had ignored to practice their way of life. They had wasted their time and energy to look for and mock the others’ weakness.


To mock the other and forget to practice  your way of life are vain. To underestimate the others does not make you greater. Your way of life can lead you to better life. You must be proud of your way of life but you must practice it. Don’t forget to act.

The End

It is fable story collection written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who really loves fable and fantasy.


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