A Fable Story: Once Upon A Time at the Golden Top

A Short Fable Story: Once Upon A Time at the Golden Top

It is a motivating fable story of act beyond the limit.

An eagle and a cat looked at the top of a monument.

Its golden top was so amazing.

Eagle and cat wanted to reach the top of the monument.

The golden top was shining.

Both of them entered the basement of the monument.

Together, they took the elevator in it.

They passed hundred floors of the monument.

The elevator’s last destination was not the top of it.

Eagle said, “The golden top is there. How can we get there?”

Cat said, “You can get there, Eagle. You have wings to fly there?”

Cat said,”Elevator has its limit. It only carries you to this floor.”

Eagle said, “The top is beyond its limit. I believe I can fly from this floor.”

With his wonderful wings, Eagle decided to use his power.

With his strong wings, Eagle fled higher.

See You at The Top: small story for kids

Finally, Eagle touched the golden top.

He also could fly over the top.

Cat climbed and said, “See you at the top.”

Like an eagle, everyone has invisible wings to reach the top. There is limit but to be better, we need to act beyond the limit.

The End

This business fable collection is written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable stories.



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