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A Fable Story with Animals: Kicks of Life

A Fable Story with Animals: Kicks of Life

Keep moving forward! It is the theme of this one of the fables with animals.

It was a period of low rainfall. Almost everything was dry. The brown trees were thirsty and their brown leaves went down.

Dozen of tadpoles were trapped in a small mud hole. If there would be no rain, the mud hole would be dry soon and the tadpoles would have a big problem.  Ten inches from the small mud hole, there was an almost dry river with a small water flow.

“I must bring my kids into the running water, “ said Mama Frog.

“Your kids will die in dryness and you will too,” said Brown Grasshopper.

“I will do what I can do for my kids,” said Mama Frog.

Mama Frog kicked the edge of the small mud hole with her hind legs again and again.

“What are you doing? Is it dance of despair?  It doesn’t work,” said Brown Grasshopper.

Mama Frod did not care about what the grasshopper said. She kept kicking.


Brown grasshopper was surprised as he saw the kicking movement of the frog was digging the dry land. She was trying to make small water channel  between the mud hole and the small water flow of the almost dry river.  Finally, she channeled water from the river to the mud hole.


Tadpoles welcomed the running water from the river.

As the water flew from the river to the mud hole, Tadpoles swam in joy to the river.

Fable story about frog
Fable story about frog

Frog’s perseverance and love saved her children and brought them to the water of life.

The End

It is a fable story collection of Fable Fantasy, written by YW Purnomosidhi a.k.a Mas Wahyu Didik, a blogger who loves fable.


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